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Time Well Spent by Lisa Johnson, RD

As I thought about what to post this week, I realized this is my last post for 2018. I am not a very nostalgic person, but still I felt the sentiment of leaving this year behind and going forward with you into a better 2019! I thought back over this year and contemplated what I thought challenged my clients the most; and hands down, it’s maintaining a healthy exercise routine. So, I want to offer you some incentives and tools that will equip you for more success in this area next year.

The biggest roadblock to exercise, I believe, is time. People have difficultly prioritizing exercise. So many things come before such as sleep, work, and family activities/sporting events. These are good things and certainly they deserve high ranks on the to do list. But let’s think about places where we may waste time…






These are major stealers! They take time, money, and energy, and emotions. They can also steal peace and sleep, two other vital ingredients for well-being. I am willing to say, also, that you don’t get much for your investment!

Exercise, however, can entirely change your life for the better. Exercise…

SAVES MONEY by improving health and decreasing prescriptions

IMPROVES CONFIDENCE which increases happiness and healthy relationships

IMPROVES ENERGY so you can enjoy your life more fully

IMPROVES SLEEP so you can look and feel younger

EXTENDS YOUR LIFE so you can accomplish your goals and enjoy your family

MAKE YOU A BETTER PERSON by improving your ability to overcome challenges

IMPROVES RESILIENCE by making you stronger inside and out

INCREASES YOUR INFLUENCE by modeling excellence

Stewarding my time is my greatest conviction. Our lives depend on how we spend this precious and limited commodity. As we move forward into a new year, we all desire a “new you.” If there were one lifestyle change, I would encourage you to make, it would be to take time to exercise and reap the many rewards that come from a good investment!

Attached is a printable tool that will help guide your journey.

Happy New Year and Happy New You!

CRD Exercise Modification Toolbox

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