Cari Culp, RD

Cari is focused on helping her clients make sustainable changes that work with their lifestyle and preferences. She has extensive experience helping young (busy!) moms and their families, and she offers a plethora of tricks and tips for streamlining meal prep and making healthy food more attractive to little ones.


Cari is convinced that small steps can lead to big results. When she works with you to improve your nutrition and health, she takes a holistic approach based on understanding the connections between what you eat and how you feel. Every person’s journey is different. Cari will partner with you to take small steps that fit into your lifestyle but lead to real change. She knows that change must be sustainable based on what’s unique about you, your family, your tastes, your schedule, and your budget.


  • B.S. in nutrition from Appalachian State University
  • M.S. in nutrition from Appalachian State University
  • Licensed in North Carolina and South Carolina

Down to Earth

Cari rarely recommends anything that she hasn’t tried herself—she practices what she preaches! Clients often describe her as down to earth, with a great sense of humor and practical suggestions. Cari believes that the first step in resolving virtually every health concern is focusing on nutrition, and she shares her knowledge about the power of real, quality foods to help us feel better. That said, she also understands that not every meal can be perfect. “Sometimes, even when we are doing our best, we eat something we’re not proud of,” Cari says, “but it’s what we do most of the time that makes a difference. The ‘most of the time’ choices are what I like to help my clients focus on!”


In order to help you get good nutrition that suits and satisfies your body, Cari will share delicious, nutritious recipes with you and help you with any substitutions you need or prefer to make. She will help you develop techniques for becoming more mindful about food, resulting in more nutritious food choices and less mindless noshing. Cari’s goal is for you to see healthy eating as a way of life, so she partners with you to adjust the way you think about food so that healthy eating becomes instinctive for you.


Prior to joining Christie RD, Cari worked as the Clinical Nutrition Manager for Hugh Chatham Memorial Hospital, taught nutrition courses at Appalachian State University, and worked in employee wellness and health coaching.


Cari fills her own life with healthful meals and activities, showing by example that it is possible to make good choices even when your life is busy! When she’s not at work, she loves trying new healthy recipes and cooking for her family, playing with her two young sons, practicing yoga, and being active outdoors.

Cari is fantastic to work with! She is very knowledgeable and provides useful nutritional information, and is so supportive of a person’s individual journey with food and health. Her kind and caring nature is just the cherry on top!


Cari was amazing at helping me to lose weight after a knee injury. I really appreciate her approach that reminded me how important stress, sleep and water are to losing weight. I now love to cook and explore with new recipes. I am down 20 lbs in 6 months but more than that I have been able to change my overall lifestyle to be healthier.


Cari has been working with me in nutritional counseling for several years and she has been my biggest support system and cheerleader. She provides me with information that I need to hear, but she also listens to me when I tell her what my needs and preferences are so that we can come to agreeable solutions to help me achieve success. Cari shows genuine care and concern for her clients and has always provided a welcoming environment for me to ask questions, brainstorm ideas, or just vent. I truly look forward to my appointments with Cari as I know I'll be able to ask her anything and she'll provide me with the tools I need to continue meeting my goals.


We feel so fortunate to have Cari through Christie, R.D., available to our employees. As a small, employee wellness office within a large institution it is tough to meet the needs of all of our employees. Christie, R.D. and her team, have not only helped us to expand our wellness offerings and services by offering one on one consultations and nutrition workshops to our employees, but also helped to fill a huge barrier that many of our clients face - time - by coming onsite to meet with our employees. Cari has continued to meet that need by offering virtual appointments and workshops while many of our employees are still working remote. The feedback we have received and the engagement we have experienced has been phenomenal. In addition to their ability to come alongside clients to help them achieve their nutritional goals, their professionalism and communication in scheduling, problem solving, and service is unmatched. We are very grateful for their partnership with UNCG!

Stefanie Milroy, Director of Employee Wellness, UNCG

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