Peace in Your Process by Lisa Johnson, RD

I thought a lot about what to post this week. I wondered if I should share about my new habit of making homemade yogurt or share some of my new favorite grab and go snacks. I will get to these, but what I really felt was most beneficial, though not always what we want to hear is how to win the mental and emotional battles we face when we are hoping to see change.

Most people who need to recover their health are not peaceful about it. Naturally, when we have a perceived problem, we are not peaceful. But, we often fail to take time to realize that without peace we have no power to change.

Let’s be honest. The peace we lack most often is not with our condition, but with ourselves; and until that is resolved, we cannot recover. Believe it or not, peace with ourselves is not conditional. Countless people are dissatisfied who meet all the criteria you think you need to be satisfied. Peace with yourself is a matter of loving acceptance regardless of your present condition.

Think about this: can a child thrive who is constantly told they are inadequate? The answer is, only if they know they are adequate, but it is rare to see someone overcome so easily what they have always been told is true. Sadly, most people’s self-talk is very degrading. Unless this changes it is impossible to thrive. Our self-worth is not about what we weigh unless we make our weight the criteria for our acceptance. I do not think we do that for others, so why do we do that for ourselves?

A desire to lose weight plagues our culture. We think one day we will be free, but I know women almost ninety years old who are still plenty concerned! Really! That is not to say, sometimes we do need to lose weight for medical reasons; but it is almost impossible if we are critically judging ourselves. If fact, the discord with ourselves is often the root cause of our health conditions.

I say all of this to say the very first thing to do when you desire healthy changes aimed at healthy outcomes is to cultivate a healthy relationship with yourself. Otherwise your efforts are self-defeating. Here are a few ideas to get you started boosting your self-esteem, your confidence, and your enjoyment in living a healthy lifestyle.

Invest in yourself now. You are already worth it!

* Spend a few minutes each morning, as part of your routine, telling yourself that you are loved, you are valuable, you are worth positive changes, and you can do it!

* Hire a personal trainer for 1 session a week. Let someone serve you in the gym or at home. There are trainers who will come to you. This is a great confidence builder and it provides weekly accountability and encouragement. If cost is an issue, share the session with a friend.

* Buy or download an inspiring cookbook and plan meals for a month you will look forward to.

* Pick up cases of fancy water like Evian or Essentia you actually enjoy drinking.

* Get the professional help you need by seeing a counselor, a coach, or a dietitian to come alongside and support you through your change process. Our very own Cari Culp is both a dietitian and a health coach. What a great pick to have on your team!

* Realize you will be in process the remainder of your life, so be sure to pursue peace and enjoy it!

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