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Freedom with Food by Lisa Johnson, RD

As we enter this new year, I want to address the importance of effective goal-setting. In order to stay on track in achieving positive outcome, you must clearly define your goals, and revisit them often. A common error in setting goals for health and wellness is making them results based. For instance, if my goal is to lose 10 pounds in 2 months and I do not achieve that even though I make many positive changes that will offer long-term benefits, I feel as though I have failed which derails continued motivation.

In setting goals, let us also be clear about what we really need to happen. Is losing weight really the answer for which we are looking? Consider that countless people are hospitalized annually for malnourishment. Is weight loss the answer to their real need? Clearly no. I am venturing to say that weight loss goals are not the answer for anyone but achieving freedom with food is a major catapult towards a lifetime of health and wellness.

For simplicities sake, I created an acronym for FREEDOM I would like to share. I hope it resonates with you as you determine what it is you really want to move toward in 2019. Feel free to share this with your family, dietitian, or counselor in order to clarify your goals and reinforce your team!

Here’s to a happy and healthy 2019!

F – freedom to love and accept yourself

R – resilience to get back on track quickly after special occasions

E – enjoyment of all foods within moderation

E – entitlement to eat nourishing foods when hungry

D – ditch the diet mentality and don’t over-correct with strict denial

O – overcome the urge to overeat

M – make self-care a priority, and make time to move

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