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Knowledge is power, especially when it comes to your health. Our fun and engaging nutrition classes share the information you need to improve your wellbeing. Classes are available as in-person group sessions or online.

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Explore our range of classes below. For more information on any of the classes we offer, or to set up a group event, send us a message.

Spring Cleaning — Clean out your pantry, and clean up your eating! Learn strategies to unprocess your diet and transform the foods you eat into foods that truly fuel your body. Plus ideas and recipes that will help you feel your best going into warmer months!

Nutrition Myth Busters — Are you confused by all the latest trends in nutrition? Wondering how to sort through all the conflicting information out there? Let us help you separate fact from fiction as we dive into the science behind some of the most common nutrition myths!

Immune Enhancement — Join us for a nutrition workshop where you will learn about key nutrients found in foods and supplements that can enhance your immune system and keep you feeling your best, even during the worst of flu seasons.

Eating for Weight Loss — Are you tired of all the ads on TV and friends on your social media feeds trying to sell you the latest and greatest in weight loss programs? Let our registered dietitian help you understand the science behind proper nutrition and help you discover ways to achieve your goals and get results, so you don’t have to start over and over!

Virtual Grocery Store Tour (suggested 2-part series) — Walk virtually down the aisles of the grocery store with a dietitian to learn what to look for in each section of the store. We will talk about the importance of reading the labels, new products out on the market, and what to search for in the list of ingredients. After this class, you will feel more confident about what’s in your buggy!

Explore the Mediterranean! — Come escape with us to the Mediterranean, and find out why this lifestyle plan has stood the test of time.  Learn the health benefits, the guidelines, and how to incorporate the plan into your daily life and meals.  As always, recipes and food samples will be offered!

3-Part Series on Lifestyle Patterns— In this three-week series, we will uncover and overcome three common yet often-overlooked eating patterns that sabotage good intentions: Meal Skipping, Swing Eating, and Nighttime Nibbling. Join us, and develop skills to regain control, confidence, and consistency in your eating patterns to help you meet your desired healthy outcomes.

Overcoming Emotional Eating — In this class, we discuss the psychological and biochemical reasons we eat based on emotions, and we offer tips to eat more intuitively, especially through the challenging seasons.

Reducing Added Sugars — Learn about the different types of sugars and how to reduce them. Our dietitian will take you through the aisles of the grocery store, reading nutrition facts and sharing her go-to products.

Diabetes Nutrition —This class is perfect for anyone with pre-diabetes, recent diagnosis, type II diabetes, or those that are in need of a refresher with diabetes nutrition.

Low Calorie Cooking — Do you believe that you have to be hungry to lose weight? This class will teach you how to add volume and flavor to your foods without unnecessary calories.  The truth remains that excess energy is stored on the body.  Learn how to eat to boost your metabolism, optimize nutrition, stay full, and lose weight! It can be done.

Cooking with Fats — This class covers everything you need to know about cooking with fats and staying heart healthy: what fats are, which fats are healthy and why we need them, recommendations for fats, how to incorporate fats into your eating plan, and the best fats for cooking.

Superfoods — Discover 10 “superfoods” you’ll want to make dietary staples. Live longer and better with these 10 foods that pack a nutrition punch. Learn about their health benefits, and see how you can include at least one of these foods in your diet all seven days of the week!

The Benefits of a Plant-Based Diet —There are many benefits of a diet that is made from plant-based sources such as grains, fruits, and vegetables.  In this workshop, you will learn the benefits of a plant-based diet, as well as ways to get all your key nutrients in. The class will also teach you how to apply a plant-based diet to your normal day for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.

Crockpot Cooking — Slow cookers are one of the best ways to provide healthy and balanced meals at the end of a long day. And how wonderful to come home to the aroma of a delicious home-cooked meal! Learn how to have the best outcomes with cooking tips and suggestions for packing the most nutrition into your one-pot, make-ahead meals!

Inflammation and Your Health — In this three-part class, discover how inflammation affects your health and how to prevent chronic disease and weight gain by reducing inflammation.

Budget-Friendly Meals — Learn how to prepare healthy meals on a budget. We will compare values for basic food groups and make family-friendly recommendations to support your lifestyle. Take the stress out of healthy eating, and bust the myth that healthy meals have to cost more!

Menu Planning — From planning, to shopping, to executing your plan; a healthy lifestyle requires preparation. Learn tried-and-true tips to successful menu planning, and experience better outcomes as well as savings due to reduced dining out and impulsive purchases.

Basic Cooking Skills: Better Vegetables! — Meeting the recommended intake of vegetables daily is a common challenge. So many people report not knowing how to prepare vegetables in a palatable and healthy way. This class will provide creative ways to increase your vegetable intake and equip you with recipes you will enjoy every day!

Dining Out with Success — Eating out doesn’t have to be avoided, but it doesn’t have to be the end of your healthy lifestyle, either. Learn the major pitfalls with restaurant meals and ways to be more resistant to temptation, as well as how to choose wisely!

Raising Healthy Eaters — Studies confirm that children’s exposure to healthy eating vastly influences their lifelong health outcomes. Learn how to make healthy food fun for kids, how to balance their diets, and how to encourage their involvement with meal planning and preparation.

The Ins and Outs of Supplements — Learn when nutritional supplements are needed, when they are wasted, and even when they might be dangerous. Stop being overwhelmed by all of the marketing hype, and become a knowledgeable consumer concerning the use of supplements.

Fitness Fury — Whether you love exercise or not, physical activity is a must for a healthy life. Learn the benefits and risks of certain activities, as well as goals for the four components of fitness: Variety, Frequency, Duration, and Intensity. Also, discover creative ways to meet your movement needs, even at home!

Snack Science — We all love snacks, but too often they are the downfall of healthy eating. Learn how to meet your crunchy, salty, and sweet cravings in nutritionally safe ways. Also learn how to time your snacks to improve your outcomes and fitness goals. If you love snacking, this class is a must.

Nutrient Knowledge — Learn which nutrients are essential for a healthy body and where they are most abundantly found. You will enjoy connecting nutrients to your body’s major functions and planning healthy meals to meet those needs. Your teenagers will even start to enjoy healthy eating when they connect healthy foods to healthy skin! This class will help you embrace your wonderful body and enjoy fueling it like never before!

Manage Weight by the Plate — The best long-term outcomes are achieved by maintaining a balanced plate within the proper portions. This class will teach you the basics of the Plate Method for portion control and help you keep the pleasure of variety in your meal planning. Never feel denied again, but instead enjoy balanced meals and snacks with the confidence that you are staying within evidence-based guidelines for your best outcomes.

Managing Hypertension — High blood pressure is also known as the “Silent Killer,” because most people have no symptoms before they incur a hypertensive event. Additionally, it is estimated that 50% of adults will develop hypertension. The good news is that hypertension is often successfully managed through therapeutic lifestyle changes. In this class, you will learn the risk factors for developing high blood pressure, as well as lifestyle prevention and management guidelines.

The Heart of the Matter — Heart disease is the number one cause of death for adults: males and females alike. Yet, like most chronic health conditions, it is highly preventable! In this class, you will learn about the risk factors for heart disease, as well as evidence-based recommendations for managing cholesterol and triglyceride levels. Do your heart a favor, and sign up today!

Kitchen Staples — What are the must-haves in your kitchen? Part of a healthy lifestyle is the enjoyment and ease of preparing meals at home. Join us for a sneak peek into the kitchens of our dietitians to see what utensils and gadgets they say they could not live without. This is a great class to help guide your holiday shopping list for yourself or someone else. Grab some insider tips and new ideas to revitalize your cooking experience!

Meal Skipping and Nighttime Nibbling — Do you intend to eat three balanced meals a day, yet find yourself skipping meals and snacking most of the evening? This cycle can be challenging to break, even though it sets us up for poor health outcomes. In this class, you will learn about your body’s physical and psychological drive to eat and how to satisfy those needs while establishing healthier eating patterns. It is time to break the cycle of defeat and achieve peace with your meal patterns.

Healthy Holidays — The winter holiday season is a magical time of year full of family-favorite foods and plenty of opportunities to enjoy them! Yet, by January, too many people are feeling overly full and frustrated with their jolly holiday choices. In this class, you will learn how to maintain all the magic of your favorite holiday traditions without the New Year regrets. Find the best of both worlds with a few tweaks and boundaries to help you get the most out of your holidays and start the new year on your best foot!

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