Health Fairs

Engage Employees and Motivate Them to Improve Their Health

For many people, a company health fair will be the only place they encounter dietitians and nutritionists who can help them make healthy choices. When your company hosts a health fair, you can capture employees’ interest in health and motivate them to make the changes they need to perform better, reduce sick time, and be happier at work. A healthy workforce is a productive workforce!

Making the Most of Brief Interactions

Our team knows how to engage with people in the fast-paced health fair setting, rapidly adapting to each visitor’s needs and questions. Whether a person’s concern is weight loss, food allergy or food sensitivity, or managing a chronic health condition like diabetes, we can give proven advice and manageable techniques for adjusting their diet and improving their health outcomes.

Science-Based, Practical Advice

We provide sound, evidence-based nutrition guidance that helps our clients optimize their health and get the results they want. Our licensed professional dietitians are knowledgeable and experienced at helping people get started making healthier choices. We hold degrees in nutrition and have a variety of certifications, including ADA/CDR Training in Adult Weight Management and Certified LEAP Therapist (CLT), and we have extensive experience providing corporate wellness programs and individual and group nutrition counseling.

We feel so fortunate to have Cari through Christie, R.D., available to our employees. As a small, employee wellness office within a large institution it is tough to meet the needs of all of our employees. Christie, R.D. and her team, have not only helped us to expand our wellness offerings and services by offering one on one consultations and nutrition workshops to our employees, but also helped to fill a huge barrier that many of our clients face - time - by coming onsite to meet with our employees. Cari has continued to meet that need by offering virtual appointments and workshops while many of our employees are still working remote. The feedback we have received and the engagement we have experienced has been phenomenal. In addition to their ability to come alongside clients to help them achieve their nutritional goals, their professionalism and communication in scheduling, problem solving, and service is unmatched. We are very grateful for their partnership with UNCG!

Stefanie Milroy, Director of Employee Wellness, UNCG

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