Corporate Wellness Services

Improve Productivity, Lower Insurance Premiums, and Boost Employee Morale

Helping your employees to achieve and maintain optimal health through proper nutrition and wellness has many benefits, including a more productive workforce, reduced health insurance premiums, and an atmosphere where team members feel supported and valued. And because insurance pays for wellness programs like these, you’ll gain these benefits at no extra cost.

How We Help

We offer customized corporate wellness services, beginning with an assessment of your company’s wellness needs. We work with your on-site wellness staff or Human Resource professionals to create a plan specifically to meet your goals. Here are just a few ways we can help.

Onsite Individual Employee Counseling

Designate one day a week as “Wellness Day” — we come to your office to meet one-on-one with interested employees for individual nutritional counseling.

“Lunch and Learn” Presentations

At your office, we share engaging presentations on a variety of health and wellness topics that leave attendees with practical, actionable steps for how to improve their health.

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Monthly Group Programs or Classes

Schedule monthly group classes for your team to look forward to. Build knowledge around common health challenges, and empower your employees to improve their wellbeing.

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Serving as a Health Fair Vendor

If you’re putting on a health fair for your company, we can support your efforts to engage your employees and help them achieve and maintain optimal health through proper nutrition.

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Designing and Implementing or Enhancing Employer Wellness Programs

Whether you’re just starting an employer wellness program or need to improve your existing program for greater effectiveness, we can help! We’ll listen to your goals, learn your challenges and aspirations, and help create an engaging program that will result in healthier, happier employees.

I learned about Christie, RD in the middle of the pandemic. Our employees were struggling to find ways to practice self-care and learn how to begin to put themselves first. Christie, RD offers a wide range of nutritional workshops that have helped our employees learn how to safely lose weight, learn how to cook and shop healthier and so much more. The dietitians at Christie, RD deliver the information in a very thorough way but without leaving you feeling overwhelmed.

Talent Coordinator for Central Piedmont Community College

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