Lisa Johnson, RD

Lisa’s specialized training in the LEAP (Lifestyle, Eating, And Performance) protocol and MRT food sensitivity testing allows her to help those whose previously undiagnosed food sensitivities cause a variety of health problems. These health issues may include chronic migraines, irritable bowels, skin issues, anxiety, and muscle and joint pain. Health conditions caused by food sensitivities can often be cleared up within a matter of weeks after avoiding problematic foods.


Lisa is committed to empowering you to lead a healthy lifestyle. She understands that change is difficult, especially when you’re trying to change habits that have been ingrained for decades and you may have medical conditions. No matter what your challenge may be, Lisa will help you solve your nutrition dilemmas, walking with you every step of the way as you progress. From sharing special recipes to checking in with you between visits, Lisa provides consistent encouragement and goes the extra mile to ensure your success.


  • B.A. in business administration from the UNC – Chapel Hill
  • B.S. in nutrition at the UNC – Greensboro
  • Master’s in Theology and Pastoral care and Counseling
  • ADA/CDR Training in Adult Weight Management
  • Licensed in North Carolina
  • Certified LEAP Therapist


Lisa provides individual and group nutrition counseling, corporate wellness, and public speaking on nutrition and health issues. She also served as the registered dietitian for the Bryan Family YMCA. Individuals, families, and organizations trust Lisa to help them understand and make use of the wide array of available information about good health, nutrition, and exercise.


Lisa’s clients routinely describe her as caring and compassionate. Her goals are to help people feel good and enjoy their lives more. She believes that most people can achieve optimal health by eating a variety of foods in their most natural state, being physically active, and practicing portion control. In many cases, individuals must pursue healing in their minds and emotions before they can change the habits that are causing negative outcomes in their physical health. Lisa is sensitive to each client’s unique mindset and goals. She will guide you knowledgeably through the specific changes that will help you begin living a healthier life.


Early in life, Lisa found that healthier foods promote energy, vitality, and clarity of mind. She has since learned that they also improve sleep and minimize inflammation. Lisa enjoys cooking, a passion which came as a result of being raised in a Middle Eastern family where food was a first love! No matter what your culinary level or dietary needs, Lisa can help you find pleasurable foods to fit your lifestyle. Being married to a personal trainer, Lisa has found that many forms of exercise can be fun. She’s equipped to help you find creative ways to meet your need to be physically active as you age. Lisa is a mother of four children, mostly grown, with one teenager still at home. While she aims to offer client-centered care, she is passionate about helping others develop a healthy relationship with themselves and food by learning to accept their body shape and size while establishing healthy lifestyle habits.

I have been meeting with Lisa Johnson for over 3 years now, but from the very beginning I could feel a personal connection with Lisa. I felt like she really took the time to get to know me, understand what my tastes are, what works for me and my schedule/household, and what doesn’t. I have learned so much about nutrition meeting with Lisa, and specifically how to make healthy eating work for my lifestyle. Her advice is realistic, which is nice knowing you don’t have unattainable goals you are working towards. I am also so appreciative of her follow–up. She is always quick to send follow up recipes and nutrition guides following our sessions. I am truly grateful for my time working with Lisa. I have gained so much from meeting with her regularly!


I found out that wheat, corn and pumpkin were not my friend! And, most of my diet consisted of wheat and corn! With this testing and the plans that Lisa mapped out for me, the difference in my health has been amazing! I always felt like I was heavy, sluggish, bloated and energy was so low. Through the knowledge provided by LEAP and Lisa, I have the energy I had raising two children! I only occasionally feel heavy/bloated (when I have a hidden trigger) but now understand why I feel that way. Know what the best part of all of this is? My thyroid issue has improved dramatically (Hashimoto's) due to the reduced inflammation that the wheat/corn were causing in my body. Thank you Lisa for recommending the LEAP program. It has truly been a gift!

Dawn S.

I have had the opportunity of working with Lisa Johnson for (3) three years on my healthy lifestyle and weight loss journey. Her recommendations such as: food prep, snack ideas, exercise goals, options and words of encouragement have been very beneficial for me. I have learned a lot from Lisa, and I am looking forward to continuing to work with her.


The LEAP test helped to identify my food sensitivities, many of which I didn't even know that I had! The comprehensive treatment plan put together by Lisa helped me to manage my sensitivities and I have never felt better! Thank you, Christie RD for offering such an important test and service!


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