What Our Clients Have to Say

I learned about Christie, RD in the middle of the pandemic. Our employees were struggling to find ways to practice self-care and learn how to begin to put themselves first. Christie, RD offers a wide range of nutritional workshops that have helped our employees learn how to safely lose weight, learn how to cook and shop healthier and so much more. The dietitians at Christie, RD deliver the information in a very thorough way but without leaving you feeling overwhelmed.

Talent Coordinator for Central Piedmont Community College

Christie provides realistic nutrition goals specific to the client’s food preferences and lifestyle. She is friendly, motivating, and encourages exercise. Christie visits one of our large corporate sites and has reversed negative tendencies at that location. It is a pleasure to have her as a colleague!

Maureen Drees, RN, Peak Health, PA

Christie and her team are always professional, caring, reliable, and knowledgeable. The wellness programs are outstanding and motivating. I know they care deeply about their clients, and they are great to collaborate with.

Julie Dillon, Registered Dietitian

I have been meeting with Lisa Johnson for over 3 years now, but from the very beginning I could feel a personal connection with Lisa. I felt like she really took the time to get to know me, understand what my tastes are, what works for me and my schedule/household, and what doesn’t. I have learned so much about nutrition meeting with Lisa, and specifically how to make healthy eating work for my lifestyle. Her advice is realistic, which is nice knowing you don’t have unattainable goals you are working towards. I am also so appreciative of her follow–up. She is always quick to send follow up recipes and nutrition guides following our sessions. I am truly grateful for my time working with Lisa. I have gained so much from meeting with her regularly!


I found out that wheat, corn and pumpkin were not my friend! And, most of my diet consisted of wheat and corn! With this testing and the plans that Lisa mapped out for me, the difference in my health has been amazing! I always felt like I was heavy, sluggish, bloated and energy was so low. Through the knowledge provided by LEAP and Lisa, I have the energy I had raising two children! I only occasionally feel heavy/bloated (when I have a hidden trigger) but now understand why I feel that way. Know what the best part of all of this is? My thyroid issue has improved dramatically (Hashimoto's) due to the reduced inflammation that the wheat/corn were causing in my body. Thank you Lisa for recommending the LEAP program. It has truly been a gift!

Dawn S.

Cari is fantastic to work with! She is very knowledgeable and provides useful nutritional information, and is so supportive of a person’s individual journey with food and health. Her kind and caring nature is just the cherry on top!


When I met Christie, my goal was to improve my health and make good nutritional changes that would fit into real, day-to-day life. With her good humor and kind honesty, Christie met me where I was and gave me practical, incremental adjustments that were easy to incorporate. She explained why certain changes were important and offered choices instead of rigid rules. Because of her advice, direction and encouragement, I went from someone who avoided all vegetables to someone who voluntarily chooses kale and cauliflower. Her guidance has helped change my perspective and decision-making around my nutrition.


I have had the opportunity of working with Lisa Johnson for (3) three years on my healthy lifestyle and weight loss journey. Her recommendations such as: food prep, snack ideas, exercise goals, options and words of encouragement have been very beneficial for me. I have learned a lot from Lisa, and I am looking forward to continuing to work with her.


Cari was amazing at helping me to lose weight after a knee injury. I really appreciate her approach that reminded me how important stress, sleep and water are to losing weight. I now love to cook and explore with new recipes. I am down 20 lbs in 6 months but more than that I have been able to change my overall lifestyle to be healthier.


Cari has been working with me in nutritional counseling for several years and she has been my biggest support system and cheerleader. She provides me with information that I need to hear, but she also listens to me when I tell her what my needs and preferences are so that we can come to agreeable solutions to help me achieve success. Cari shows genuine care and concern for her clients and has always provided a welcoming environment for me to ask questions, brainstorm ideas, or just vent. I truly look forward to my appointments with Cari as I know I'll be able to ask her anything and she'll provide me with the tools I need to continue meeting my goals.


Christie Hunter is an outstanding nutritionist. She's professional, knowledgeable and caring. When I interact with her, I always learn something useful about proper nutrition and exercise, not to mention neat recipes and cooking tips. What I like most about Christie is her caring, non-judgmental attitude. When I fall short, she's quick to encourage, not criticize. Before Christie I'd never worked with a nutritionist; however, thanks to her I'm more cognizant of what I'm putting into my body. I would recommend Christie, without hesitation, to anyone looking to improve his or her eating habits and overall health. I feel blessed to have her as my nutritionist.


We feel so fortunate to have Cari through Christie, R.D., available to our employees. As a small, employee wellness office within a large institution it is tough to meet the needs of all of our employees. Christie, R.D. and her team, have not only helped us to expand our wellness offerings and services by offering one on one consultations and nutrition workshops to our employees, but also helped to fill a huge barrier that many of our clients face - time - by coming onsite to meet with our employees. Cari has continued to meet that need by offering virtual appointments and workshops while many of our employees are still working remote. The feedback we have received and the engagement we have experienced has been phenomenal. In addition to their ability to come alongside clients to help them achieve their nutritional goals, their professionalism and communication in scheduling, problem solving, and service is unmatched. We are very grateful for their partnership with UNCG!

Stefanie Milroy, Director of Employee Wellness, UNCG

Christie and her team have made it easy and convenient for employees to take advantage of the benefits provided to them through our company health insurance. We continue to have new people sign up to meet with her as well as return visits for folks who continue to find it helpful to meet with her on a regular basis to support their nutrition and health choices. The office staff are responsive and very helpful when we have questions or request information.

Corporate client of Christie, RD

The LEAP test helped to identify my food sensitivities, many of which I didn't even know that I had! The comprehensive treatment plan put together by Lisa helped me to manage my sensitivities and I have never felt better! Thank you, Christie RD for offering such an important test and service!


I wanted to thank you Cari for helping me to prepare for such an easy recovery. There is no doubt in my mind that my weight loss of 20.8lbs prior to the procedure is a major factor in how well I'm doing. The healthier eating, and consistent exercise before surgery has made it easier to identify good options in recovery. Your coaching and guidance help me to make better choices as I work hard to navigate this new lifestyle. My mobility is great. I have to make myself take it easy but my body wants to do more! I feel amazing. I could not have done this without you. On behalf of my family and all the lives I hope to positively impact, THANK YOU!

Ingrid B