Christie’s wiliness to come to by workplace to meet with me and other co-workers is awesome! If not for her coming out I would not be where I am today with my health and weight loss, now management. She offers so many great ideas as far as food and exercise.  No judging or bad comments from Christie.  She will just make suggestions for you to get back on track and start again today not tomorrow. I have learned from Christie that it is not a diet it is a life style change and you have to keep it up.

– Diana Lewis

I look forward to my sessions with Christie, who I like to refer to as my “food therapist”.  She does not have a one plan fits all mentality and helps you develop a plan to fit your likes and dislikes while also encouraging you to be adventurous and try new foods and other healthy changes you would not have considered before.  She is very supportive and has helped me become healthier and happier.

– Tara Lawrence

Christie is amazing! She designs a plan that is customized for each person to help them succeed in their weight loss goals. She helps you make small lifestyle changes that are easy to stick to.

– Courtney Lollis

Working with Christie has been a huge benefit to me. I had become so confused about so many things regarding my diet. Christie has helped me make sense of it all and helped me understand how to make knowledgeable and sensible choices regarding what to eat, portion sizes, and the timing and frequency of meals and snacks. I would recommend her to anyone struggling with any issues regarding their diet.

– Brent

I have been on the LEAP program for over a year now. In the first 9 months I had lost 13 inches off my gut and had lost 60 pounds! I am no longer obese. My weight has now stabilized. I no longer have heartburn nor do I have to take medicine for it. My vitamins D levels, weight, and BMI are finally normal. I have gone from a size 16 to a size 6. My hives have disappeared. Lisa Johnson has helped change my life. I am eating healthy and I don’t mind looking in the mirror now.
– Myra Moore

Christie is always professional, caring, reliable, and knowledgeable. Her wellness programs are outstanding and motivating. I know she cares deeply about her clients, and she is a great colleague to collaborate with.
– Julie Dillon, Registered Dietitian 

Many of our clients are interested in offering employees nutritional counseling, and Christie is great! She’s personable, and she promotes the philosophy that “small changes over time” is the name of the game. The level of service Christie provides by meeting with our clients at their worksite is an awesome benefit.
-Bobbie Victory, Health & Wellness Consultant,
Senn Dunn Insurance 

Christie provides realistic nutrition goals specific to the client’s food preferences and lifestyle. She is friendly, motivating, and encourages exercise. Christie visits one of our large corporate sites and has reversed negative tendencies at that location. It is a pleasure to have her as a colleague!
– Maureen Drees, RN, Peak Health, PA 

Christie has been a dear friend and colleague now for 16 years! She is such a bright spot in each person’s life she touches. She is very careful and diligent about assessing one’s situation before giving out her personal advice. She is amazing at tailoring programs to individual needs so as not to overwhelm or discourage your progress. The confidence she displays in herself and in her nutrition counseling approach will motivate clients to be highly successful in reaching their health goals!
– Cindy Rhodes RD, LDN, Healthy Habitats, Inc.