Corporate Health Presentations and Classes

Give Your Employees the Guidance They Need to Live Their Best

Corporate health presentations and monthly classes engage employees and empower them with the knowledge they need to improve their health and live happier lives. Our engaging nutrition classes are available in-person or online.

Classes We Offer

Popular presentations and classes are highlighted below. For a full list of classes, see our Classes page.

Nutrition Myth Busters — Many people are confused by all the latest trends in nutrition. In this class, we help attendees separate fact from fiction as we dive into the science behind some of the most common nutrition myths!

Immune Enhancement — In this nutrition workshop, attendees will learn about key nutrients found in foods and supplements that can enhance the immune system and keep you feeling your best even during the worst of flu seasons.

3-Part Series on Lifestyle Patterns— In this three-week series, we will uncover and overcome three common yet often-overlooked eating patterns that sabotage good intentions: Meal Skipping, Swing Eating, and Nighttime Nibbling. Join us, and develop skills to regain control, confidence, and consistency in your eating patterns to help you achieve healthy outcomes.

Diabetes Nutrition —This class is perfect for anyone with pre-diabetes, recent diagnosis, type II diabetes, or those that are in need of a refresher with diabetes nutrition.

Inflammation and Your Health — In this three-part class, discover how inflammation affects your health and how to prevent chronic disease and weight gain by reducing inflammation.

Menu Planning — From planning, to shopping, to executing your plan; a healthy lifestyle requires preparation. Learn tried-and-true tips to successful menu planning, and experience better outcomes as well as savings due to reduced dining out and impulsive purchases.

Basic Cooking Skills: Better Vegetables! — Meeting the recommended intake of vegetables daily is a common challenge. So many people report not knowing how to prepare vegetables in a palatable and healthy way. This class will provide creative ways to increase your vegetable intake and equip you with recipes you will enjoy every day!

Fitness Fury — Whether you love exercise or not, physical activity is a must for a healthy life. Learn the benefits and risks of certain activities, as well as goals for the four components of fitness: Variety, Frequency, Duration, and Intensity. Also, discover creative ways to meet your movement needs, even at home!

Nutrient Knowledge — Learn which nutrients are essential for a healthy body and where they are most abundantly found. You will enjoy connecting nutrients to your body’s major functions and planning healthy meals to meet those needs. Your teenagers will even start to enjoy healthy eating when they connect healthy foods to healthy skin! This class will help you embrace your wonderful body and enjoy fueling it like never before!

Managing Hypertension — High blood pressure is also known as the “Silent Killer,” because most people have no symptoms before they incur a hypertensive event. Additionally, it is estimated that 50% of adults will develop hypertension. The good news is that hypertension is often successfully managed through therapeutic lifestyle changes. In this class, you will learn the risk factors for developing high blood pressure, as well as lifestyle prevention and management guidelines.

The Heart of the Matter — Heart disease is the number one cause of death for adults: males and females alike. Yet, like most chronic health conditions, it is highly preventable! In this class, you will learn about the risk factors for heart disease, as well as evidence-based recommendations for managing cholesterol and triglyceride levels. Do your heart a favor, and sign up today!

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