Healthy Nutrition for a Healthy Life.

• Lose and manage weight                              •  Lower cholesterol

• Gain energy and strength for sports              • Lower triglycerides

• Lower blood pressure                                   • Reduce inflammation

• Understand food allergies                             • Identify food sensitivities

• Prevent disease                                            • Manage health problems

Does “one size” ever really fit all?

The Dietitians of Christie, RD, will empower you with a practical healthy eating plan guided by your unique medical, physical, and personal needs.  “One size fits” all doesn’t work with clothing, so why would it work with weight management or sports nutrition?

Customized nutrition counseling for individuals, families, and organizations.

We invest in people and organizations, treating every person the way she would like to be treated herself. At Christie, RD, we help you think beyond the plate, creating a personalized wellness plan that helps you look better and feel fantastic, whether you have a chronic medical condition, want to lose a few pounds, or train for a marathon.

Individuals Organizations