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Nutrition Services

One size never fits all, especially when it comes to lifestyle. We collaborate with you to create a custom plan to reach your wellness goals, guided by your unique medical, physical, and personal needs. Whether you have a chronic medical condition, want to lose a few pounds, are training for a marathon, or just want more energy, our mission is to help you feel good, prevent disease, and live happier.

Food Sensitivity Testing

A variety of health issues, from migraines to IBS, can be caused by food sensitivity. When certain foods trigger an immune response in the body, inflammation wreaks havoc. By testing for sensitivities and building meal plans around the foods that you aren’t sensitive to, you can enjoy nutritious and delicious food while improving your health.

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Individual Classes

Health starts with education. We offer a wide selection of fun and engaging classes that empower you to make the changes you need to improve your wellbeing. From eating to reduce your cancer risk to weight loss, you can find a class with the information you’re looking for. All classes are also available online, so you can take them from the comfort of your home!

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Working with Your Physician

Our approach to nutrition and wellness is based on science. We can work closely with your physician to ensure that your plan is aligned with your medical needs. Whether this partnership consists of simply reviewing your health records or communicating in-depth with your physician, your medical needs are a priority.


Even before the pandemic, telehealth was becoming a popular alternative to in-office appointments. For nutritional counseling, you can attend nearly all appointments from the comfort of your home. And even for testing and blood work, we can partner with a lab near you to ensure convenience.

Christie provides realistic nutrition goals specific to the client’s food preferences and lifestyle. She is friendly, motivating, and encourages exercise. Christie visits one of our large corporate sites and has reversed negative tendencies at that location. It is a pleasure to have her as a colleague!

Maureen Drees, RN, Peak Health, PA

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