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Healthy Bites For This Busy Holiday Season and Beyond, by Lisa Johnson, RD

By the time you read this, the doors have swung open and the race is on! The last few weeks of each year tend to be the most frantic as we aim to complete deadlines, strategize for the coming year, and celebrate where we’ve come with an abundance of food and giving. It’s a wonderful high-energy time for many, but also a slippery slope for the healthy life-style. REMEMBER WHEN WE LOSE SLEEP AND MAKE POOR FOOD CHOICES, OUR IMMUNITY TAKE A DIVE. IF YOU WANT YOUR BODY’S DEFENSE UP, YOU NEED LOTS OF FRUITS AND VEGETBLES! Here are a few tips to keep you health-safe during this wonderfully busy season.

1. Maintain quiet time each day if only for 10-15 minutes to gather your thoughts, breathe, and establish a reasonable plan.

2. Keep water bottles in your car. It is so easy to get dehydrated and end up spending $3 or more on a sugar-laden refreshment.

3. Keep healthy whole-food bars on hand to prevent over-eating when your pace slows down. Good choices include RX Bars, Larabars, RISE bars, KIND Nut Bars.

4. When you stop to grab a bite on the run or bring dinner home, please choose from some of the regions’ healthies options. And there are some! These venues offer an abundance of vegetables, hormone-free meats, fresh fruits, protein, and fiber. Core-Life is our newest venue. Check it out soon!

Core-Life Eatery: Westover Terrace and Green Valley Road

Zoe’s Kitchen: Friendly Center and West Wendover, Stratford Towers on Stratford Rd in Winston Salem

Clean Juice: Friendly Center

Grabba Green: North Elm Village

Village Juice Co.: Downtown Winston Salem and Stratford Towers on Stratford Rd. in Winston Salem

Clean Eatz: HanesTowne Village Shopping Center on Stratford in Winston Salem

Hushup and Hustle by Lisa Johnson, RD

For many this is back-to-school week. Talk about a hustle! One thing we need at times like this is a quick, healthy breakfast to start the day on a positive note. I am a fan of these new products and have enjoyed them myself on many rushed mornings. Hushup and Hustle makes Blender Bombs and… Continue Reading

10 Hacks to Overcome Common Barriers to Exercise by Cari Culp, RD

If you’re finding it extremely difficult to get into a consistent exercise routine you’re not alone. Until you get into the habit, it seems there can be a million excuses as to why you can’t exercise. Although diet is the biggest contributor to your health, exercise is extremely important as well. For most of us… Continue Reading

5 Keys to Healthy Digestion by Lisa Johnson, RD

Healthy digestion is a buzz-topic these days. Honestly, many people suffer digestive ailments. Digestive help has become big business with pharmaceutical companies filling shelves with products such as laxatives, stool softeners, enzymes, probiotics, antacids, and more! Complaints vary from chronic constipation to urgent diarrhea, to bloating, gas, and reflux. These symptoms do increase with age.… Continue Reading

Supercharge Your Summer with these Fitness Ideas By: Nicole Freeman, Nutrition Student from UNCG

Summer is the best time of the year to take advantage of the warm weather and get out and get active with your family. Greensboro is a great city with lots of outdoor activities that you and your kids can do this summer. Here I have listed a few ideas of places for you and… Continue Reading

Fitness in the Triad by Brooke Maudlin, nutrition student UNCG

Studies show that exercising outdoors appears to be more beneficial, not just physically, but mentally! Walking, yoga, or any kind of exercise is said to be soothing and helps with anxiety and stress. There are many places to go in the Triad for fitness outdoors, that is free! Some local areas that offer opportunities to… Continue Reading

Do What You Can Do

Clients often ask if they have to __________? Buy organic? Eliminate all sugar? Eliminate all processed foods? Eat every three hours? Exercise 60 minutes a day? Whew! No wonder we keep waiting until tomorrow to start. The resounding answer I give is, “NO, you do not HAVE to do all those things.” Chances are if… Continue Reading

The Overwhelming Benefits of Exercise

Everyone would agree that a healthy diet and exercise are the building blocks of good health. When it comes to exercise, we usually think in terms of “calories burned.” However, exercise does so much more than burn calories to help us achieve a healthy weight, prevent disease, and promote good health. First, let’s examine the… Continue Reading