Fitness in the Triad by Brooke Maudlin, nutrition student UNCG

Studies show that exercising outdoors appears to be more beneficial, not just physically, but mentally! Walking, yoga, or any kind of exercise is said to be soothing and helps with anxiety and stress. There are many places to go in the Triad for fitness outdoors, that is free!

Some local areas that offer opportunities to get active around the Triad are:

  • Parks; regional parks, community parks, recreational, etc. Parks are a great way to get active while being outdoors; biking, brisk walking, walking your dog, etc., all are great opportunities to get your blood flowing and your body moving, while having fun and relaxation time!
  • Trails; hiking trails, park trails, mountain biking trails, greenways, etc. Trails offer great opportunities to get moving! Biking, walking, hiking, just moving in general, will get your heart pumping all while enjoying a beautiful scenery to sooth the mind!
  • Lakes; Lake Higgins, Lake Bradt and Lake Townsend are all located in the Greensboro/Triad area.

There are many different activities lakes have to offer! Paddle boarding, kayaking, fishing, swimming, etc. This is a great way to be active and to get “out and about” and have fun!

  • For more information about the parks, trails and lakes in the Triad area click here.

Find time throughout the day! When on work breaks, you and some co-workers, find a local park or trail, have a picnic and take a walk! Take in some sun as well, this will increase energy and get you ready to finish out the day on top! Instead of going to a restaurant, pack a nice lunch the night before and head to the park!

Most think that exercise has to be vigorous activities and has to consist in a gym, but that is wrong! Exercise does not have to be dreadful, rather it can be enjoyable and relaxing! There are many options in the local area to get active without cost while getting you outside of the gym! So, get out in the community, get active and have fun while doing so!

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