Hushup and Hustle by Lisa Johnson, RD

For many this is back-to-school week. Talk about a hustle! One thing we need at times like this is a quick, healthy breakfast to start the day on a positive note. I am a fan of these new products and have enjoyed them myself on many rushed mornings.

Hushup and Hustle makes Blender Bombs and Grain-free Granola that will make you smile and say something like, “I love this stuff!” You may have made no-bake energy bites yourself. Blender Bombs are similar, but packed with exceptional ingredients like collagen, aloe, and bee pollen along with dates, nuts and a variety of seeds. They taste delicious.

For a smoothie simply drop one in your blender with a fruit (banana), spinach or kale and a nut milk (I like Silk Protein Nut Milk). Add ice and blend. Or if you are in a BIG hurry, just grab 1-2 for the road.

The grain-free granola is also delightful! I snack on mine or put a spoonful in my Ripple (Pea Protein) Yogurt. Also, an extremely quick and healthy grab.

Mom and dad don’t forget yourself when you are packing that lunch! You need nourishment for your day as well. Hushup and Hustle has made it easy to eat quickly, yet healthfully too.

Monthly memberships are available so you will never miss your Bomb!

Check them out:

Hushup and Hustle

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