Pre-workout Pump! by Brooke Maudlin, Nutrition Student at UNCG

You should fuel your body about 1 to 3 hours prior working out depending on how well your body adjusts to food. It is essential to workout when not hungry! If you workout when you are starving, your body will not be able to go as hard and your blood sugar may drop which can be dangerous when trying to attempt strenuous exercises! Nobody wants to pass out or obtain an injury, right? So, it is important to eat, eat, eat!

It is important to eat throughout the day, however some certain foods/beverages are best when preparing for a workout! These foods may include:

Calories are important for energy and all together making your body perform work. Steer clear from eating the bare minimum, do not deprive your body of what it needs; choose healthier options to obtain the energy your body needs. Aim for small meals throughout the day and try to eat a snack an hour or so prior to working out to get that pump your body desires!

What if you do not have time for a pre-workout snack? Well, simply make time! If you choose to workout during your break at work or whenever you may choose to go to the gym during the day, have a snack that involves carbs or protein ready to go. Eat your snack, depending on how well your body digests, about 30 minutes to an hour before your workout to give time to settle. Prepare snacks on your lunch break or the night before! It is always a great idea to meal prep and have access to food!

With these pre-workout snacks, you are able to fuel your body in order to get that great workout pump you desire. So, go get fueled and pump out that workout!

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