Do What You Can Do

Clients often ask if they have to __________? Buy organic? Eliminate all sugar? Eliminate all processed foods? Eat every three hours? Exercise 60 minutes a day? Whew! No wonder we keep waiting until tomorrow to start. The resounding answer I give is, “NO, you do not HAVE to do all those things.” Chances are if you try, you will feel quite defeated and very soon.

Instead, I recommend assessing your lifestyle and choosing one or two areas in which you believe improvements will have the greatest impact to your health, and starting there.

* If you currently get most of your hydration from juice, soda and sweet tea; then begin by replacing a few of those with some H2O.

* If you currently have an evening sweet tooth, then try evening fruit, frozen is a real treat!

* If you currently eat a sandwich and fries daily for lunch, then try some fruit sides or salads.

* If you currently do not exercise because you do not have time, then begin with 10 minutes a day. You have 10 minutes a day! In fact, you can go to and customize your workouts including the duration.

Successful changes begin with specific, reasonable and attainable goals. Try not to make changes so extreme that you cannot maintain them, and remember to applaud yourself for the small steps. Affirming yourself will keep you focused and motivated, but most of all; it will help you enjoy your journey!

Remember, small changes repeated, make big differences! Changes are to improve your health, not to make life more stressful.

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