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The Freedom of Boundaries

In this blog, I want to talk about using electronic logs. Most of us have mixed feelings about these weight loss tools. On the one hand, they provide excellent information to help us make successful educated choices concerning our dietary intake. On the other hand, maintaining the practice is all-consuming. With that in mind, let […]

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Boundaries That Promote Peace by Lisa Johnson, RD

In my last blog I shared about pursuing peace as the foundation of a healthy lifestyle, peace with yourself being high on the list of priorities. I truly believe apart from that, every other effort to be healthy is in vain. I, like many others, wrestled with eating disorders when I was young(er). Honestly, it […]

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Better Yogurt Buys by Lisa Johnson, RD

Yogurt has long been one of our most popular cultured foods. Cultured foods were common in the pioneer days because they increase the preservation of the food through healthy bacteria. Preparing foods in this way is extremely beneficial to digestion and it increases absorption of nutrients. On the contrary, many healthy cultured foods contain added […]

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