Life changing service, especially this time of year!

This time of year is always hectic-places to go and people to see so time is of the essence. I wanted to share one that I have recently taken advantage of that has truly changed my life (my 12 year old daughter thinks that I am exaggerating but I do believe it has). I am not sure if you are a fan of Walmart or not but this may change your mind. They have recently advertised their services for grocery pick up that are FREE-as in no charge to you. I can appreciate the cost savings of Walmart but shopping there on a busy weekend during the Christmas season is absolute torture so they would normally lose my business this time of year. However, thanks to this new, convenient service of FREE grocery pick up, they have my patronage back for the current time.

As I sat in the comfort of my own home this past weekend, I was able to build my grocery list online. I always make a list of what I am going to get from the store so I did the same as I usually do and as I put the items into my virtual cart, I checked them off my list. The Walmart website makes it very easy to shop because you can shop by department like you would in the actual grocery store or you can shop by searching the item name. When I am normally shopping in the store, I don’t take the time to break out my calculator to determine the unit cost for the various size items that I am purchasing or compare unit price by brand but by shopping online, it already has the unit price for you so it makes cost saving that much easier. You can tag items as your favorite so you can quickly put them in your cart on future shopping trips.

When you are finished shopping, you pay online so you don’t have to worry about payment when you pick up your items and you can see your total as you go along so you know exactly how much you are spending as you shop. You will make a reservation for when you will pick up your groceries within an hour time and you also have a time frame that you can edit your order. After I submitted my order this past weekend, I literally updated it 3 times after being invited to an event that I needed to bring a side dish to, thinking about another meal that I needed to plan for, or an item on my list that I forgot. This is where I say the service is life changing because under other circumstances that would have meant 3 trips to the store that would have more than likely included items that weren’t on my list. My experience has been that shopping online for groceries has saved me close to $30 per week because I am truly buying what I need!

The best part is that I drive up to the store, stay in my warm car while my groceries are brought out to me. The clerk always has me to review my produce to make sure that it meets my approval and so far, no complaints at all with the quality of foods that they are selecting for me. As we wrap up this holiday season, consider FREE online grocery shopping so you can still have good nutritious foods at home and save you precious time.

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