Healthy Habits for a Happy Life

Healthy habits make being healthy easy because they are not based on trying…they are based on living. When we talk about being healthier or losing weight; we often say we are “trying.” Trying defines the period between recognizing you need to change and actually changing. Trying is exhausting and ineffective because it cannot produce results. Only change produces results. Nike was really on to something when they coined the phrase, “Just do it!”

Studies have researched the lifestyle habits of people living past 100 years of age.

Similarly, in China’s Longevity Village, and Okinawa, Japan…

* They eat vegetables with all 3 meals a day along with fruits, nuts and fish

* They sit down to eat in community

* They only consume what they need

* They enjoy active lifestyles like walking and farming, not formal exercise

* They remain socially connected to their elders and revere their advice

* They live with a daily purpose

* They don’t sweat the small stuff

These studies have actually suggested that longevity is only 25% genetic and 75% lifestyle. What healthier habits can you begin to live today?

> Having a veggie at every meal?

> Sitting down to eat?

> Stop eating as soon as you are satisfied?

> Walking daily or parking farther away, or taking stairs?

> Drinking water instead of sugar?

> Choosing a productive outlet for stress like exercise?

> Spending more time with your family?

When it comes to your health, your lifestyle counts more than your calories. I encourage you to stop trying to figure out the formula for success, and just begin living a healthier lifestyle.

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