New and Improved by Lisa Johnson, RD

There are a few products on the market that have become staples in my house. They are not PERFECT foods in that there may be a preservative or two, and they are minimally processed. However, the truly offensive ingredients like hydrogenated oils, high fructose corn syrup, and monosodium glutamate have been removed; and they convenient, easy to locate and well received. Those attributes mean a lot when you have to purchase for a household!

I have featured them below along with a few of the ways we enjoy them most often. I hope they will be helpful additions to your home and make meal prep more enjoyable for you also!

Simply Ranch: Everyone loves Hidden Valley Ranch. In fact, ranch is one of the only means to encourage vegetable intake for some; kids especially. This new ranch is us much healthier than the original. Hydrogenated oils, corn syrup and MSG are gone! I use it with the carrot chips below for a healthy side or snack. I pack it in my daughter’s lunch often with the carrot chips. I add a fruit and she doesn’t miss the potato chips at all!

Carrot Chips: These aren’t really new, but many people still haven’t discovered them. Carrot chips are versatile and work well with ranch as well as hummus or guacamole. You truly won’t miss the corn chips or crackers. Something about the “chip” cut makes them more satisfying and kids seem to like them too. Carrot chips are a great way to boost antioxidants and vegetable intake easily!

Dave’s Killer Organic Bread: Finally bread the whole family likes! To be honest, I had stopped eating most bread, though I would occasionally use the really healthy sprouted breads that no one else in my family would eat! Some of the biggest issues with conventional breads are the chemicals used in farming as well as the modified seeds. Dave’s Organic Bread is free of these issues, so for gluten-tolerant people, it can be enjoyed as an acceptable starch choice for their meal. I prefer the Power Seed bread because it is so high in protein and fiber, but children may prefer the whole wheat or white varieties. I also love that it comes in a thin slice option for calorie control. I use it most with egg, avocado, or nut butter. I also use it to pack sandwiches for my daughter’s lunch at school. It is good to buy bread again!

OLE Extreme Wellness Low Carb Tortillas: Tortillas are very satisfying and can be much lower in carbohydrates than bread. These have so much fiber and protein that the net carbs are nearly zero. I like them because they do not contain hydrogenated oils or aluminum baking powder. They do have sorbic acid and a sulfite preservative if that is a problem for you. We make wraps with hummus, cheese, avocado and spinach most often. My daughter is also a fan of quesadillas. Paired with broccoli and a fruit, it really makes an easy, affordable, and complete meal that no one will refuse!

These products are available at all of the major, conventional grocers including Walmart, Harris Teeter and Lowes Foods. Some of the products can be found at Food Lion, Costco, and Sam’s Club too! Here’s to easy shopping, easy prepping and a happy home!

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