Make This Year’s New Years Resolution Different!

So, have you already been inundated with the commercials on TV promising a “new you” this year if you participate in their weight loss program, join their gym, or use their new product that guarantees change? Do yourself a favor and don’t get sucked in and believe them. Trust me, if they worked, then there would not be more than one option available, Americans wouldn’t spend BILLIONS of dollars every year on various weight loss products, and there wouldn’t be such a big push this time of year on the products and programs.

Instead, make a resolution to listen to your body more and provide it with the nutritious and delicious foods that it craves! Our bodies are such amazing machines and they do an excellent job of breathing without us telling it to do so, digesting our foods without us even thinking about it, and trying to send us signals about when we are hungry and when we are full and what foods it is needing and wanting. We are the ones that don’t listen to those cues. Actually, I take that back, we listen to our body when we have a high-fat, high-sugar food in large quantity. After that meal, we feel bad and our digestive tracts might let us know that it was not what it wanted. We then recognize that the food is what made us feel bad. However, we are not so good when it is the reverse. We don’t seem to recognize how great we feel or how much energy we have when we feed our bodies the whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins.

This year, don’t spend the money on the programs that are proven not to work long-term and instead spend the time listening to your own body on what it wants and when it wants it. Learn to listen for hunger and fullness cues. Lastly, listen to what your body is telling you after you have one of those colorful meals (maybe one that you used a new kitchen gadget that you got for Christmas to prepare).   Happy New Year!

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