Summer Mocktails by Lisa Johnson, RD

I had the good fortune of dining at the Umstead in Cary, NC last Saturday and I was pleasantly surprised to see mocktails on their bar menu. At this stage of life, I enjoy relaxing socially with a beverage, but do not care for the side-effects of alcohol. I want to enjoy the following day also! Last Saturday I chose a delicious basil limeade, but the hibiscus spritzer was a definite contender! I mention this because I have many clients confess they enjoy an evening cocktail, especially during summer months, but find lowered inhibitions with food as well as undesirable sluggishness in the morning. Therefore, I am offering some ideas for beverages that will allow you to unwind with friends and family but will not impede your healthy lifestyle. Enjoy your summer with these guilt-free mocktails from Experience Life!

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