Produce in the Fast Lane


Recently I went into a Lowes Food that was newly renovated to pick up a couple of things and I walked into the produce section and I was in awe of what I saw. First, cialis they had an amazing selection of produce with such variety and color and it all looked so beautiful and fresh! As I was shopping for some apples and greens, I noticed that there was a Lowes staff person behind the counter prepping some foods. Then, I noticed this wall that had various produce already prepped in containers ready to take and eat or cook. There was a whole wall of foods-some of the single fruit or vegetable and some with a combination of 2 or 3. These were containers of the fresh produce that they had prepared that day-not containers that someone else many miles away had washed and stuck in a bag.

I bet you are going to say, “Yes, Christie that is very nice but I bet that it cost a fortune.” Wrong! The price is based on per pound of the produce. For example, 2 containers of fresh strawberries cost about $5.00 each so $10.00 total. When you get the strawberries that they have washed and prepped, the container holds about 2 pounds which is equivalent to 2 containers of strawberries and the cost is $12.00 so it is about $2.00 more. I know some of you would agree that the $2.00 is worth it for someone else to take the time to wash and cut them. As a dietitian, I would agree that the $2.00 is worth it to see an increased consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables! In addition, it would be worth the money to have a variety of fruit and vegetables with some of the produce that you currently are not purchasing because of the labor involved. According to Lowes Foods, some of the more popular produce that people are paying the extra money to have prepped are the ones more difficult to cut such as pineapple and butternut squash.

Did you know that you can also pick out the produce that you want, have them wash and cut it up and come back and get it after you have finished shopping? This is a great service as well and perfect for those that aren’t sure how to pick out the best produce. Let the produce experts help you pick out the ones that are at the perfect ripeness stage and then let them cut it up for you. If it doesn’t look good on the inside, then they will replace it with another one and you have not lost any money.

This service can help save you money because you aren’t tossing out produce that has gone bad because you didn’t take the time to prep it or because the produce itself isn’t good. If you are living life in the fast lane and struggling to get the recommended amount of fruits and vegetables, then consider a service like this. Remember that fast food doesn’t always have to be in the drive-thru!

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