Benefits of Online Grocery Shopping

Do you struggle to get healthy foods into the house? Is grocery shopping one of your biggest barriers to eating more nutritious, delicious foods? If so, then I have a suggestion that could save you time and energy and help you with your journey to having better choices available to you and your family.

Online grocery shopping is the way to go for the busy moms, the single parents who don’t want to drag kids to the store, the older adult that has trouble getting out, the couple who both work and struggle to get it all done around the house, or anyone who dreads the trip to the store to shop for food. Some of the major food chains (Harris Teeter and Lowes Food in NC) offer this service for a reasonable price. The price averages about $5 per trip but can be cheaper when you buy service for month or year.

Benefits of online shopping:
1. Saves you time because you don’t have the time in the store wandering the aisles trying to find all that you need.
2. You will not be tempted to buy the foods that you see while in the store or at the checkout line.
3. Grocery store employee usually picks out better produce than you do so you will get better online shopping.
4. If the store does not have the item you added to your list, they will call you and notify you and offer to replace it with a comparable item at the same price.
5. Once you have your list established online, it is very easy to order your weekly groceries because most of us keep the same staples on hand and buy the same foods week after week.
6. Your grocery bill will most likely be less than it currently is even with the online shopping fee because you will truly stick to your list.
7. You never have to walk in the grocery store! You can purchase your groceries and pay for them online and then just drive up and they will load them in your car for you.
8. Gives you extra time in your day/week to do other wellness activities like take a walk, go to a yoga class, cook dinner, pack your lunch for the next day, meditate, pray or keep a journal.

Why wait? Most of the stores will offer a free initial trial so you can try it out at no cost. If grocery shopping is your biggest barrier to healthy eating, then this is your answer and can open all new doors to you.

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