A Peace Treaty! by Lisa Johnson, RD.

Can you imagine the freedom of having absolute peace with your treats? The belief that we cannot reach our optimal health goals and still enjoy treats on a regular basis is disappointing to most. So much so that they cannot enjoy a healthy lifestyle without constantly feeling deprived. This deprivation-existence is not necessary. Good news, right? Great news, even! There are many very healthy treat options that we can enjoy, even every day!

My goal is to choose foods that taste good and are good for us too. In doing so, food’s purpose is fulfilled. We are satisfied and nourished. This is a main goal of my counseling. I teach my clients to choose foods that meet both requirements. As long as they do, they will not risk dietary health complications. In addition, when we nourish our bodies with healthy foods, we do not end up with uncontrolled cravings, because our body’s needs are actually met, and it stops demanding more.

Here are some of my favorite healthy treats, but I encourage you to discover your own. My bet is that if you make peace with them, you will not desire to indulge in less-healthy processed alternatives. You can enjoy foods like this every day in conjunction with a balanced diet and physical activity and be optimally healthy!

Have a treat on me!


Walnuts with honey: Walnuts are packed with a special form of vitamin E which is unique to walnuts. This is a powerful antioxidant protecting your heart. They also contain heart and brain healthy omega 3 fats, cholesterol-lowering sterols and healthy fibers. Honey is actually full of minerals like zinc and copper and rich in B vitamins too. You can enjoy this treat into old age as it will extend your life!

Dark Chocolate (with sea salt): Cocoa is a dream! It is a great source of magnesium and zinc and packed with flavonoids; heart and brain healthy antioxidants. I love mine with sea salt which has iodine for your thyroid. Sounds good to me!

Frozen Yogurt: A serving of frozen yogurt is just like eating a regular yogurt, we only feel like it is less healthy! Look for an all natural product. The Yasso bars come in amazing flavors like toffee caramel chocolate chip. Yet, they pack 5gm of protein and the same amount of sugar as a small piece of fruit, about 15gm. They also offer calcium and healthy microorganisms! I am at peace with that!

Chocolate-dipped fruit: This one is fun because you can get really creative. Pick any fruit you like such as strawberries, pineapple, mango, apples, bananas or even mandarin orange sections (fresh that is). If using apples or bananas, slice and toss them with lemon first and dry. Then, melt dark chocolate chips, stirring until smooth. To finish, just swirl your fruit in the melted chocolate and lay it on wax paper to dry. Store in the fridge and enjoy as desired. Your family with love it too!

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