Getting to know the RD’s part 2

I previously asked the RD’s some question and here is part 2 of that interview. 

What do you look at first on a food label calories, fat, carbs, sugar?

Christie: The first think I look at is the number of ingredients in the item. I try to pick the item with the least amount of ingredients.

Lisa: I look at the ingredients to determine the quality of the food.

Favorite exercise/workout?

Christie: Any group exercise. I get energized with a group of people.

Lisa: I like to do interval style weight training.

Most asked question as a nutritionist?

Christie: What do YOU eat?

Lisa: Is this okay?

Favorite Family Memory?

Christie: My grandmother made the most awesome homemade biscuits. I can still remember us in the kitchen cooking them. Unfortunately, mine are not nearly as good as hers.

Lisa: I have great memories of summer vacations at the beach with my cousins.

I am happiest when?

Christie: My family is happy.

Lisa: I hear and obey God and can share my faith with someone.

What are 3 things you do each day to stay on track with your healthy lifestyle?

Christie: I try and exercise most days, drink water between meals, and I do a daily devotion with my husband each day. I feel my spiritual health is as important as my physical health.

Lisa: I exercise most days, eat healthy, and spend time with Lord.

What do you struggle with the most about a healthy lifestyle?

Christie: I feel like I try to live an overall healthy lifestyle and I want my personal health to reflect that. I struggle with my cholesterol, specifically my HDL and trying to raise that number. It is not where it should be and I find that very frustrating.

Lisa: I use to struggle with portion control. I finally have gotten to a place where I realize it is too uncomfortable to over eat, even healthy food.

What does your kids lunch box look like?

Christie: Turkey sandwich, fruit, pretzel thins or Pirate Booty popcorn, a sweet such as a few Hersey kisses or a couple cookies, and drink like capri sun or water.

Lisa: My kids have some dietary restrictions so they are different. One child cannot have wheat or dairy so her lunch box would have gluten-free avocado sandwich with a fruit and a veggie, maybe pirate booty, and water. My other child would have a Greek yogurt, 2 fruits, a vegetable like carrot sticks, and some nuts.

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