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Nutrition Advice & Tips

Christie RD

Cold Weather Caution!

Most people guard against dehydration in the sweltering summer months. But, did you know it is much more common when it is frosty outside? It’s true. Respiratory fluid losses increase in the winter, and sweat evaporates more quickly when it is cold outside. Couple increased losses with decreased thirst cues and you have perfect conditions […]

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Resolution Real?

As I was meeting with one of my clients the other day, he mentioned that he wanted to lose 25 pounds by an upcoming date in February, which was about 4 weeks away. I asked what the significance of the date in February was and he stated that it was when he had a trip […]

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Tips for Toddler Nutrition

Feeding a toddler can be frustrating for a parent.  They can be cautious to try new foods, picky, and inconsistent with their eating.  Toddlers need the same variety of nutrient-rich foods that older kids and adults need-just in smaller portions.  Here are 3 smart tips to help parents: Be a smart shopper.  Our grocery store […]

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Family Favorite Recipe-Roasted Broccoli

One of the things that motivates me to want to make healthy choices at home is the scary statistics about heart disease and women. According to the American Heart Association, heart disease is the #1 killer among women. It will affect 1 in 3 women, which means that either myself or one of my 2 […]

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Fats in Foods

February is National Heart Month and I want to share with you some nutrition news that you can use to keep your heart healthy. Let’s talk about the fats you find in foods: 1). Saturated fat. This is the bad fat that is found in foods that can raise cholesterol and put you at an […]

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Is There Such a Thing as a Healthy Thanksgiving?

As a Registered Dietitian, I am not here to be the food police and to take away your holiday favorites. I am here to offer some secret tips on how to make your Thanksgiving a little healthier. Tip #1) Make your Holiday Plate. Here is our traditional plate that is filled with turkey, dressing, mashed […]

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Welcome to my Blog

OK, I have finally taken the leap into blogging. I have been saying since I started my business 2 years ago that I needed to blog so I have finally decided to just do it. For those of you that don’t know me, I thought I would give you a little insight about me. I […]

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