Zoodles: Zucchini Noodles



Summer is the perfect time to take advantage of all the wonderful fruits and vegetables that are available to us. The varying colors in the produce provide different nutrients and key nutrition for our bodies. If you are like me, then you try to create new ways to utilize the summer produce. We recently tried a new way to use the zucchini that are in our garden and created “zoodles.”

Zoodles are zucchini noodles so you are spiraling a zucchini into the shape of spaghetti noodles. This is a great way to reduce your carbohydrate consumption by replacing the regular white noodles with an alternative that is low in total carbohydrates. You must first purchase the “as seen on TV” gadget that is a vegetable spiral cutter and you should be able to purchase one for less than $15. You could try it at home with other kitchen slicers but it is more dangerous and more likely to cut your fingers. You will then take the zucchini, wash it, cut off the ends and then spiral it. With our family of 4 eating, I was able to use one large zucchini to make enough noodles for all of us to eat.

IMG_2160The next step is to heat the noodles in a nonstick skillet with a small amount of olive oil (1 Tbsp is what I used for the 1 large zucchini). It only takes about 4 minutes for the noodles to cook. Then you can top the noodles with your favorite sauce. Try it next time instead of regular pasta for an alternative that is low fat, low in sodium, low in cholesterol, low in carbohydrates, high in vitamin C, and big on taste!

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