You will simply flip for these!

Do you go to the yogurt section of the grocery store and immediately feel overwhelmed? Greek or non Greek? Fat free or original? Light or plain? Which one do you choose?

When I am selecting a yogurt, I look for the Greek varieties for a higher protein content because I know that it will be more satisfying to me as a snack. I also like to look for ingredients that I can pronounce that do not contain artificial sweeteners. Let me clarify here-I am not against artificial ingredients but I think the amount of artificial sweeteners that they put in the lower fat yogurts is too high and you can practically taste it and it makes the yogurt too sweet. Personally, I like to be in control of how sweet my food and drinks are so I prefer to add the sweeteners myself.

When you start eliminating the yogurts with artificial sweeteners, it doesn’t leave you with many to choose from. Then, if you look at the nutrition label for the yogurts that have the topping that you add or you “flip” in, the calories and sugar content are usually higher than others. Well, Chobani has come up with a solution to help us out with our yogurt woes.

It is called the Simply 100 “crunch” (click here to learn more about Simply 100 products –  I have found these at my local grocery store right next to the Simply 100 yogurts. Currently, there are 3 flavors available so I am hoping that they will expand with the flavor options. This awesome little snack is 100 calories, 10 grams of protein, and lower in sugar (7 grams for the one shown in the picture) because Stevia is the sweetener added as opposed to aspartame. It does not taste overly sweet and the fruit and chocolate rice crisps and cookies give it just enough to satisfy your sweet tooth. Look for these at your next trip to the grocery store and include it for your afternoon snack while at work or home!

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