Winter Blues-What You Can Do!

So, here we are in January-the holidays are past us, the warm weather of Spring seems so far away, it is dark earlier, and snow is in the forecast. Does this make you want to eat more of the typical comfort foods and hibernate? If so, you might have a case of the standard “Winter Blues.” Here are some of the symptoms to help see if you match this diagnosis:

*Very little energy

*No motivation to do anything besides the bare minimum such as work

*Decreased physical activity

*Increased sleep

*Social withdrawal or wanting to be alone more

*Increased appetite

Proper nutrition can help with beating the blues. A great mix of complex carbohydrates and lean proteins at meals and snacks can help increase energy levels by stabilizing blood sugar. Do you need some ideas for this perfect mix? Try some oatmeal with a hard-boiled egg for breakfast, chili with whole grain crackers for lunch, and baked fish with quinoa for dinner. Snacks can include fruit with nut butters, trail mix, yogurt with granola, or cottage cheese with fruit. Protein-packed snacks and meals will help keep you energized all day.

Other ideas to help you combat the Winter Blues:

1) Work on that hobby that you have put away for a while-maybe scrapbooking, photography, journaling, poetry, woodworking, etc.

2) Pack clothes for the gym to go immediately after you finish your day before you go home.

3) Come up with the list of projects that you can do around the house that you say in the Spring is too pretty inside to work on that list because you don’t want to be inside.

4) Plan your spring garden-use this time to get ideas of what and when to plant.

5) Break out the old workout videos or workout equipment that you haven’t used in a while and try them again. Invite a friend over or get your family involved to make it more fun!

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