Wacky Water Makes Hydrating Fun!

I want water to be appealing and for so many, it is considered “boring!” Too many people struggle to adjust their taste buds to the cleanliness of pure water, and this is especially true of children; even though the benefits of sufficient water intake are tremendous.

Water detoxifies the body at the cellular level; promotes healthy elimination; enhances fat utilization for fuel; lubricates joints; clears blemishes; regulates blood pressure, body temperature, and heartbeat; and so much more! Plus, it does all of this for a fraction of the cost of flavored, carbonated or sweetened beverages.

Today, I hope to offer a solution to those who have struggled to become a fan of this universal beverage…a solution that not only helps you drink more water; but makes your water even more beneficial! Of course that means enhancing its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits. Thus, we have…

Infused Water

Yes, infused water…so simple, yet so profound. Perhaps you’ve heard of lemon water, or lime? Have you ever thought of blueberry basil or ginger peach? How about grapefruit rosemary or cucumber jalapeno! Now we are talking! If we can come up with wacky flavors for bacon and cupcakes, why not water? What makes infused water fun is that you have an endless supply of healthy options with which to experiment. You can try a new combination each week and confidently claim that water never has to be boring again. What makes infused water healthy are the enhanced antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of the added fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices. No special equipment is needed beyond a good container such as a mason jar; however, infusing water bottles are available for the avid infuser. Recipes and tips are available at www.infusedwaters.com.

We would love to hear back about your favorite combinations, so feel free to post them on our Facebook page here.

Go ahead, and get wacky! It’s healthy hydrating fun!

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