Tips to a healthy Thanksgiving! by Christie Hunter, RD

Well, Thanksgiving is upon us and we are all salivating at the thoughts of all the favorite foods that will be consumed this holiday. While some people might not even think about healthy eating over the holidays, it is important that we do not lose all control over these weeks between Thanksgiving and New Year’s. It is not clear about the exact amount of weight gain through the holidays but research suggests that it is between 1-10 pounds. Additionally, people who are overweight tend to gain the most weight. So, let’s try to approach this holiday season a little differently than years past so here are my top 10 tips to eat healthy this holiday season:

1. Don’t go hungry. If you skip meals in the attempt to “save up your calories” for later, it puts you in position to overeat due to hunger.

2. Have a plan in place. Think about what you want to do before you get there so you know in your head what foods you will eat and which ones may not be worth it or will make you feel bad afterwards.

3. Bring the healthy option. Be the person who volunteers to bring the roasted vegetables, salad, or fresh fruit!

4. Be active. Find ways to include your family and friends in activities other than eating this holiday.

5. Eat mindfully. Make sure to take time to enjoy and appreciate the food that you are eating and eat out of hunger not because of the food being there.

6. Pick seasonal. Don’t waste your calories on food items that you can get all year long!

7. Limit alcohol. Calories from alcohol can quickly add up and not to mention that alcohol can impair your judgment of what you are eating.

8. Sleep. Good rest is important with eating healthy because lack of energy will deter you from making the healthy choices, preparing the healthy snacks and foods, and exercising.

9. Limit variety. See if you can limit the number of choices that you put on your plate this holiday season to reduce total calories.

10. Be social and focus on the festivities of the holidays and not the food. Reframe this holiday season so you can experience the joy from friends and family and not just the food.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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