The Power of a Positive Selfie

Selfies are very popular. For those who may not have heard the term, a selfie is snapshot taken of you by yourself and posted publicly. For many it is a chance to have fun, and make others laugh. But, when it comes to the private side of the selfie, sometimes things are not as humorous.

Today, I want to address the inner selfie, or the self-talk in which we engage, where there is no public persona. As a dietitian, I meet with people who want or need to change in order to become healthier and enjoy a better quality of life. Change is hard, especially for anyone over 40. We have established some pretty solid habits by then; habits entrenched in culture and emotions. Change is hard.

The first step in finding the power to change is belief. We really cannot do anything we do not believe we can do. And, when we first begin to try all the barriers to change with which we used to live comfortably, now stand out boldly. It is very natural at this point to feel guilty, frustrated, and powerless to change.

Successful change depends at this point on what you choose to believe about your situation, and yourself. If your self-talk is positive, you will succeed. If your talk is negative, you are more likely to retreat back to less healthy habits that may have been coping mechanisms for poor self-image and self-talk from the start. Here are some examples of positive thoughts you can practice thinking about yourself. Remember it is what we believe about ourselves that empowers our choices for better or for worse. No matter what your previous pattern has been, you can begin being positive today!

Examples of a positive selfie:
I am exactly who I am supposed to be.
I am loved and I am valuable.
I have the ability to make a positive difference in the world.
I can do anything I need to do to fulfill my destiny.
I can learn to enjoy healthy foods.
I can establish a physically active lifestyle.
I can make changes to my schedule to create more time to take care of myself.
I can limit sweets and less healthy foods; they do not control me.
It is ok if I’ve made mistakes in the past. This is a new day.
I am worth investing in my health and well-being.

Hope you will take these truths to heart and have a positively wonderful day!

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