The Dairy-Free Coffee Fix by Lisa Johnson, RD.

You may have heard me confess that I am a coffee-lover! Well, I am also one who doesn’t tolerate cow milk as well as I would like. Yes, it is inflammatory for me and when I consume it, even small amounts in my coffee daily, I can feel it. My fingers get stiff and slightly arthritic. Oh, the wonders of aging!

I have another confession to make. I am such a cream snob with coffee that I was willing to suffer through the discomfort. Everyone needs one vice! But, now I do not have to. Finally, a non-dairy creamer hit the market that is an equivocal substitution for half and half…

Introducing RIPPLE Half and Half

This amazing non-dairy creamer is made from pea protein, sunflower oil,omega 3–rich algal oil, calcium, and vitamin A. Like most like most dairy alternatives it does contain some natural gums and lecithin as thickeners.

What I like most about Ripple is that the “original” flavor has 0 grams of sugar and the vanilla has only 2 grams per serving. Ripple also contains 0 grams of saturated fat and 2.5 gm of heart-healthy monounsaturated fat per serving. The other non-dairy alternatives are all flavored and much higher in sugars, plus I haven’t found another with the same creamy finish.

Ripple products are all made from pea protein and they include milk, chocolate milk, and milk boxes which are a great idea for school lunches. Each serving contains 8gm of protein which you won’t find in most nut milks, and I personally prefer pea protein to soy as most people will tolerate it better.

I bought the half and half at Target. I’ve spotted Ripple at The Fresh Market, Whole Foods, and Earth Fare. Be on the look out! If you are a milk-intolerant coffee lover like me, this product may be for you!

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