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Better Bubbly by Lisa Johnson, RD

One of consumers favorite products is soda. I am not sure I have ever met anyone who did not enjoy the sweet carbonated beverage that has taken America by storm. The craze hasn’t come without consequences, however. Two-thirds of Americans are over-weight or obese, and 20% of youth fall into these categories. This is not surprising considering that sweetened beverages are the top calorie source in teen’s diets. Thankfully, over the past few years there has been a decline in consumption, however, the per capita intake in 2015 was still about 40 gallons per year…that is per person!

Studies show that sweetened beverages increase risks of many chronic diseases; obesity, diabetes, heart disease and cancer. They are also related to increased risk of gout…70%! And, dental disease. Yet, we “love” them. Obviously, because we continue to consume them despite all evidence that they are hazardous to our health.

Well, today I bring good news! There is finally a better bubbly that I believe you will like. I’ve tried to sell the carbonated seltzer waters, which I love by the way. But, I am always met with mixed reviews. Apparently, they are not sweet enough for everyone. But the better bubbly is sweet and without sugar or artificial sweeteners. Introducing…

Bai Bubbles…Antioxidant Infusion

Bai now put some bubbly in their antioxidant beverages, and I am predicting a healthy craze. They come in a variety of fruit or cola flavors and contain polyphenol-rich tea. The sweetener is erythritol, an all-natural sugar alcohol that will not cause significant blood sugar elevation.

They should be available at most grocers, so keep your eyes open…I think we have a promising solution to our bubbly dilemma. Give them a try and then let us know what you think. You can comment on our Facebook page – ChristieRD.

Here’s to better bubbly…Cheers!

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