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Better Yogurt Buys by Lisa Johnson, RD

Yogurt has long been one of our most popular cultured foods. Cultured foods were common in the pioneer days because they increase the preservation of the food through healthy bacteria. Preparing foods in this way is extremely beneficial to digestion and it increases absorption of nutrients. On the contrary, many healthy cultured foods contain added sugars which defeat the value of the food. Yet, few people enjoy plain yogurts and cultured cheeses. Instead, they prefer fruit flavors that can contain up to 20gm of added sugar which is the limit we should have in a day according to the World Health Organization.

I am happy to say, that we have some new win, win options on the market! Both Siggi’s and Lifeway are raising the bar with flavors rich in taste, low in sugar and loaded with healthy probiotics. Here are some of my favorites:

* Siggi’s “Peach & Mango” or “Banana & Cinnamon” cups with no added sugar

* Lifeway’s Organic Kefir Cups with only 4gm sugar and 15-20 billion CFU per serving!

* Lifeway’s Organic Farmer Cheese Cups with < 5gm sugar and 12 probiotic strains

All of these make a terrific breakfast on the go with ample protein; and absorbable forms of calcium, vitamin A, vitamin D, and Potassium. The Organic Kefir Cups even have delightful flavors like “Blueberry Lavender” and “Strawberry Rosehip.” Whether it is breakfast, snack, or dessert; these better yogurt buys provided a healthy, delicious, and satisfying fit!

Bone Stock Makes Healthy Soups Simple

Historically, making a true homemade soup was a labor of love. Hence the market shelves are full of prepared options to spare you the time involved in slow-cooking your stock. However, the stock is really the making or breaking point of the soup. There is little that is more nourishing than a homemade bone stock… Continue Reading

Healthy Dressings and Not Homemade!

Sometimes it is hard to have it all. This is especially true when it comes to healthy eating. We want top notch ingredients, at a reasonable price, conveniently prepared, and delicious! Usually, we compromise and settle for less than perfect. Historically, in order to have a healthy salad dressing or sandwich topping, or marinade, you… Continue Reading

Honestly Good

My clients and I have a tough time reconciling the soda dilemma. Everyone enjoys the carbonated treat, but thus far healthy options have been slim. The most we have been able to weigh is whether regular or diet is a worse evil. Not anymore! A good choice has entered the race…Honestly! Introducing Honest Fizz; an… Continue Reading

Spring Cleaning

It is that time of year again when the colors of spring abound and farm fresh produce begins to flourish. As a dietitian, I get very excited about the availability of fresh berries, lettuces, and other garden delicacies. When asked what my favorite food is, I have honestly answered, “vegetables.” Try not to hate me!… Continue Reading