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Natural Water Enhancers by Lisa Johnson, RD

Finally, spring has sprung and the days are warming! Just the thought of longer, warmer days makes me want to be healthier. Exercise is much more inviting, food fare is lighter, and water intake is on the rise! I’m feeling better already!

Considering more water, did you know…?

  • Your body is 60% water and water is essential for proper digestion, absorption, and elimination promoting better overall health.
  • Muscle is 70% water, so hydration increases exercise endurance.
  • Water detoxifies your skin and enhances your youthfulness.
  • Water keeps you more satisfied and helps you maintain a healthy weight.
  • Water is an effective lubricant keeping joint fluids healthy.

Oddly, as beneficial as water is and affordable too, 90% of my clients report lower than recommended intake. The overall consensus is that the flavorless beverage doesn’t appeal to the taste buds enough to drink 64-100 ounces a day, depending on your bodyweight.

Flavor enhancers are popular, but most contain artificial sweeteners and dyes which have various negative side-effects including unhealthy gut flora. I personally avoid them like the plague! I am, however, a big fan of Sweet Leaf products. Sweet Leaf is one of the most pure stevia products on the market. And, guess what? They have flavor enhancers too! I highly endorse this all natural product. The implications of replacing sweet tea, soda, and juice with calorie-free water are promising! Sweet beverages are our largest source of empty calories that raise blood-sugars and increase body-fat storage. In fact, one soda as 39 grams of sugar which is twice the World Health Organization’s recommendation for added sugars in a day. If you can change that and not feel deprived, your world would be a much better place!

Spring has sprung, so it is time to begin thinking about some healthy changes. Let me get you started with less sugar and more water. Sweet Leaf Water Drops can help you meet your goal!

Importance of Hydration by Brooke Mauldin, nutrition student at UNCG

According to the CDC, water recommendations for men is 3.7 liters (125 ounces) and 2.7 liters (91 ounces) for women. Staying hydrated throughout the day is essential for maintaining a healthy, balanced life. There are many different ways to stay hydrated throughout the day, such as: Carry a refillable water bottle- this will help you… Continue Reading

Help to Stay Hydrated

Very often one of the first interventions I do with a client is to increase water intake. Easy as it sounds, it can be a challenging habit to instill and maintain consistency. Adequate hydration is important for so many reasons. Here are just a few: * Detoxification and elimination * Healthy Skin * Healthy metabolism… Continue Reading

Cold Weather Caution!

Most people guard against dehydration in the sweltering summer months. But, did you know it is much more common when it is frosty outside? It’s true. Respiratory fluid losses increase in the winter, and sweat evaporates more quickly when it is cold outside. Couple increased losses with decreased thirst cues and you have perfect conditions… Continue Reading