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Nutrition Advice & Tips

Boundaries That Promote Peace by Lisa Johnson, RD

In my last blog I shared about pursuing peace as the foundation of a healthy lifestyle, peace with yourself being high on the list of priorities. I truly believe apart from that, every other effort to be healthy is in vain. I, like many others, wrestled with eating disorders when I was young(er). Honestly, it […]

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5 Keys to Healthy Digestion by Lisa Johnson, RD

Healthy digestion is a buzz-topic these days. Honestly, many people suffer digestive ailments. Digestive help has become big business with pharmaceutical companies filling shelves with products such as laxatives, stool softeners, enzymes, probiotics, antacids, and more! Complaints vary from chronic constipation to urgent diarrhea, to bloating, gas, and reflux. These symptoms do increase with age. […]

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Benefits of Gentle Fitness

I am very happy to enjoy exercise. I know for many it is a labor void of love. And, if you don’t love exercise, I wonder if it may be because you think it has to be painfully strenuous to be effective. Well, I have good news for you! Gentle fitness goes a long way […]

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Making the Most of Snow Days

You often hear North Carolinians boast that here we enjoy all four seasons. Sunny and 78 degrees are wonderful, but in 365 days, you might need a change. So, as we roll through our winter months, let’s agree to make the most of every season, even those with frigid air, shortened days and, yes, snow! […]

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