Tabatha Andrews

Tabatha Andrews
Office Assistant/Client Contact


Tabatha Andrews is most clients’ first point of contact with Christie, RD, and people frequently say Tabatha is easy to talk to. She always goes the extra mile to ensure clients experience top-notch customer service. Great at helping clients understand overwhelming and confusing insurance benefits, Tabatha works with the insurance companies to find out about coverage, file claims, and follow up on claims that may have been denied.


Tabatha is a go-getter who seeks opportunities to help Christie, RD’s dietitians be more efficient while making clients’ lives easier.



Tabatha says it best herself: “I feel very fortunate to be a part of a locally independently owned company whose main focus is to make people feel better and be healthier. Knowing that we are directly making a positive impact in people’s lives could not be more rewarding!” Her optimistic, enthusiastic approach is key to the success of Christie, RD.


After years of attending every possible new exercise class and trying every fad diet out there, Tabatha learned through the experience that these usually only yieldntemporary results. As she puts it, “You will never be able to out-exercise a bad diet.” It is apparent to me now that education on proper nutrition is a vital part of overall health and wellness.”


A busy “soccer mom” of two boys, she smoothly and effortlessly embraces her family’s hectic schedule. When she’s not at work, she enjoys working out, cooking, and spending time with her friends and family.