Lisa Johnson, RD


Lisa Johnson is committed to empowering you to lead a healthy lifestyle. She understands that change is difficult, especially when you’re trying to change habits have been ingrained for decades and you may have medical conditions. No matter what your challenge, Lisa will help you solve your nutrition dilemmas, walking with you every step of the way as you progress. From sharing special recipes and checking in with you between visits, Lisa provides consistent encouragement and goes the extra mile to ensure your success.


Lisa’s clients routinely describe her as caring and compassionate. Her goals are to help people feel good and enjoy their lives more. She believes that most people can achieve optimal health by eating a variety of foods in their most natural state, being physically active, and practicing portion control. In many cases, individuals must pursue healing in their minds and emotions before they can change the habits that are causing negative outcomes in their physical health. Lisa is sensitive to each client’s unique mindset and goals—she will guide you knowledgeably through the specific changes that will help you begin living a healthier life.


  • B.A. in business administration from the UNC- Chapel Hill
  • B.S. in nutrition at the UNC – Greensboro
  • ADA/CDR Training in Adult Weight Management


Before joining Christie, RD, Lisa had her own practice, providing individual and group nutrition counseling, corporate wellness programs, culinary services, and public speaking on nutrition and health issues, as well as serving as the registered dietitian for the Bryan Family YMCA. Individuals, families, and organizations trust Lisa Johnson to help them understand and make use of the wide array of available information about good health, nutrition, and exercise.


To stay healthy and meet her own goals, Lisa rarely eats processed foods, and prefers to prepare meals at home rather than dine out. She orders grass-fed meats from a local farmer and swears that vegetables really are her favorite foods. Although she admits a fondness for dark chocolate, Lisa finds good nutrition relatively easy because she’s discovered that unhealthy foods actually make her feel less satisfied and lacking in energy.

If you don’t share Lisa’s natural enthusiasm for veggies, don’t worry: she has countless recipes and hints for incorporating more of the “good stuff” into your diet without torturing your taste buds!

Lisa has enjoyed exercise since she was a teenager, when she began participating in group fitness classes. After college, she taught aerobics and worked as a personal trainer before returning to school to study dietetics. Today, she works out three or four times each week with her husband, a personal trainer. When she’s not working or managing life with the couple’s four children and two dogs, Lisa can be found exercising, cooking, and studying the Bible.