How the Experts at Christie, RD, Help


“If you think that I will force you to survive on rice cakes and celery sticks, then you are mistaken! I’m your educator and motivator when it comes to making lifestyle changes, helping you understand nutrition and teaching you how to make healthier choices in a real food world. I’m not the food police: I won’t judge you when you encounter barriers.” – Christie, RD
Are you curious about how a Registered Dietitian can help you? Whether your goal is as big as losing 50 pounds or as small as increasing the fiber in your diet, it’s hard to know where to start. Our goal at Christie, RD is to empower you with a realistic plan for making lasting, healthy changes to your diet. We are passionate about helping people just like you live healthier, feel more energetic, and manage your health concerns.Grocery store Tour

We will will work with you to assess your current nutrition status, food concerns, and lifestyle—and give you a practical plan for reaching your nutrition and diet goals. Here’s how it works:

  • At your initial appointment, we will review your current eating habits and assess your overall nutritional health.
  • You’ll agree on realistic, achievable goals to ensure your success, and your dietitian will craft a personalized nutrition plan for you.
  • During follow-up appointments, we will review your progress toward your goals; offer encouragement and solutions to any challenges you are having; and evaluate your food diary, current weight, and any blood work.

Think beyond the plate! Contact Christie, RD, today to get started.