Health Fairs

Health Fair Christie RD at a baseball game

Health Fair Booths for Corporations, Medical Practices, Community Events, and Professional Groups

Most employers know that encouraging their people to lead healthy lifestyles can decrease absenteeism and lower health care premiums, as well as improve morale. If you’re putting on a health fair for your company, let Christie, RD, be a valuable part of your effort to engage and enable your employees to achieve and/or maintain optimal health through proper nutrition.

Making the Most of a Short Interaction

Many people have never even considered getting the advice of a dietitian or nutritionist – a company health fair may be the only place they ever have access to experts who can help them make practical, healthy food choices. Christie, RD’s professionals know how to engage with people in the quick- engagement health fair setting, rapidly adapting to each visitor’s needs and questions. Whether a person’s concern is weight loss, food allergy or food sensitivity, or managing a chronic health condition like diabetes, we will give proven advice and manageable techniques for adjusting their diet.

Smart, Informed Advice that Gets Results

Christie RD Health Fair Booth displayWe provide sound, evidence-based nutrition information that helps our clients optimize their health and get the results they’d like. Our licensed professional dietitians are knowledgeable and experienced at helping people get started thinking beyond the plate—not only do we hold degrees in nutrition and have a variety of certifications such as ADA/CDR Training in Adult Weight Management and Certified LEAP Therapist (CLT), but we also have more than 20 years’ combined experience providing corporate wellness programs and individual and group nutrition counseling.