Eat Wise and Exercise: The Road to a Better You

What is holding you back from becoming the healthiest version of yourself? Learning the principles of good nutrition can be a daunting task, and learning how to effectively exercise for optimal health can seem equally confusing.

What if you had a dynamic duo of professionals who could customize a plan specifically for you that can educate you on the best workout routine and nutrition plan, tailored just for you and your lifestyle?

Join registered dietitian, Christie Hunter, RD and certified personal trainer and health coach, Becky Scoggins, CPT, GFI for a six-week journey through nutrition, behavioral modification and fitness principles!

Perfect for beginning exercisers, those looking to lose weight or those that need a jump start to their current program, this program includes the following at an incredible value:

3 one-on-one nutrition sessions, where you’ll learn how to eat to fuel your body

*3 group sessions for optimal nutrition and accountability

3 one-on-one personal training sessions, where you’ll learn how to effectively rev your metabolism for maximum fat burn

*3 group training sessions where you’ll make new friends and have fun working out

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