Rethinking Your Goals

Most adults who have attempted to lose weight will admit it is not an easy process. We are built for survival and our bodies naturally want to hold onto energy reserves in the way of body fat. Is it possible for aging adults to healthfully lose weight? Sure it is, especially if there is room for improvement in the area of lifestyle habits. Still, the process can be slower and less rewarding than most people expect, and that is because their goals are results oriented. Delayed results can lead to discouragement and burn-out if all of your hope is in one basket – large amounts of weight loss.

A much healthier and enjoyable approach is to set a variety of reasonable goals focused on lifestyle changes rather than results. In this manner, your success can begin right away, you’ll be focused on the part you can control rather than the part you cannot, you will be much more encouraged, and you will see greater improvements to your overall health than you will achieve by watching the scale alone. And, the best part about this approach is that it is individualized…custom designed by you…for you!

When setting your new goals, make them attainable! Start small and increase them as desired. Good starter goals can include any one or more of these.

  • Getting an additional 30 minutes of sleep if you presently get < 6 hours
  • Increasing water intake by 16oz a day
  • Trying a new vegetable each week
  • Replacing sweets most days with fruit
  • Packing lunch vs. eating out
  • Replacing fried foods with grilled, baked or broiled
  • Eating on a smaller plate and having only 1 serving
  • Trying a form of exercise you’ve never done before

Improving your health is simply a series of steps in the right direction. Make small changes and celebrate your success as you go. If you begin walking and you don’t stop, you are bound to get there. Most of your life is spent in process…might as well enjoy the journey and all of the sights along the way!

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