Nutrition Presentations Bundle


Choose six presentations from the list below to create your bundle.

  • Cooking Lite with Herbs

    Fresh summer herbs are one of the best ways to boost nutrition and add exciting flavors without added fats and sugars. In this class you will learn how to grow an array of aromatic herbs and incorporate them into various foods including desserts! Refine your palate this summer along with your culinary skills and learn to cook lite with herbs.

  • Maintaining Health Through Midlife Transitions

    Anyone over 40 realizes that mid-life presents challenges even to the best-intended health gurus. In this class you can breathe a sigh of relief by exploring what happens physically, emotionally, and relationally during midlife and how our health is impacted. Learn strategies to traverse the years from 40-65 without losing your joy, your peace, or your health in Maintaining Health Through Midlife Transitions.

  • 5 Foundations of the Mediterranean Diet

    The Mediterranean Lifestyle remains the most successful patterns for healthy aging and disease prevention. In this class you will examine its 5 foundations: active lifestyle, social connectedness, healthy fats, fiber, and reduced sugars; and discover stepwise applications for your daily living.

  • Immune Protection

    We still have several months of cold and flu season to weather. Protecting our immunity is vital during this season and the attack on our immune cells. Thankfully, our bodies have built-in immune complexes that go to work in our defense at the first sign of threat. However, we need to nourish those complexes so they work as they should and certainly not live in such a way that we weaken them. They have a difficult job because there are so many agents coming against our immunity in the way of chemicals, allergens, and toxins. In order to stay your healthiest, learn about key nutrients found in foods and supplements that can enhance your immune system and keep you feeling your best.


  • Preventing and Managing Hypertension

    High Blood Pressure is also known as the “Silent Killer” because most people have no symptoms before they incur a hypertensive event. Additionally, it is estimated that 50% of adults will develop hypertension. The good news is that hypertension is often successfully managed through therapeutic lifestyle changes. In this class you will learn the risk factors for developing high blood pressure as well as lifestyle prevention and management guidelines.


  • Nutrition Strategies for Stress Eating

    Emotional eating is at the core of feeling out-of-control with food, a struggle common in our high-stress culture. Yet did you know there are nutritional and strategic changes you can make to overcome this tension? In this class you will learn how to eat foods that reduce cravings, how to set boundaries to reduce stress, and how to move past the worst stressor of all, self-criticism.  Regain composure and learn to enjoy foods without fear through Nutrition and Strategies for Stress Eating.



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