LEAP Into Action

Have you ever wondered if the foods you are eating are making you sick? Do you suffer from migraines, irritable bowel, fatigue, acid reflux, joint pain, or inability to lose weight? These are some of the common symptoms associated with food sensitivities.

For many years food sensitivities have gone undiagnosed. They differ from allergies in that the reactions are triggered by your delayed immune response and symptoms are chronic rather than acute and life threatening. Many people with food sensitivities have been tested and considered negative for food allergies, because they are. Sensitivities are not allergies. Until recent years there have not been tests to determine food sensitivities, but now there is…The LEAP MRT.

The LEAP MRT is a blood test measuring over 100 different chemical mediators that white blood cells release in response to tested foods and chemicals. This method of testing is 94% reliable and 90% reproducible. In addition, the companion eating plan is designed to catch any possibility of error.

Many of our patients have experienced complete resolution to long-term ailments following this innovative approach to therapy. If you think you might be a candidate for MRT testing, contact our office today at 336-790-6778.

Since starting the LEAP program about 7 months ago, I have lost over 8 inches off my gut and have lost over 50 pounds. I no longer have heartburn nor do I have to take medicine for it. My vitamins D levels are finally normal. My hives have disappeared. Lisa Johnson has helped change my life. I am eating healthy and I don’t mind looking in the mirror now. Myra Moore

LEAP Results, page 1-Sample patient

LEAP Results, page 2-Sample patient

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