Keep it Light When You Light the Grill by Lisa Johnson, RD.

Grilling season officially kicked-off last Memorial Weekend. Most of us love this time of year when the days are long, and we can be outdoors whipping up a quick meal after hours. Thankfully, grilling techniques have evolved so that we have learned to grill much more than ribs, burgers, and steaks. Now, entire meals are prepared on the grill including desserts! But, I want to focus on staying in step with the light of summer by enjoying light fare like chicken, fish, and vegetables. In times past, these were not grill-friendly foods because they were too fragile and lean to hold up under the rugged grill terrain. But, that is no longer a problem with the addition of grill-top pans. For under $20 you can buy a grill-top pan for lean meats and vegetables. Dinner was never so easy, quick, and delicious! Simply spray your pan and coat your lean protein and veggies with a healthy oil (olive or avocado) and some seasonings; then cook about 20 minutes and voila! You have a delicious, light and gourmet meal with one pan to clean. If you don’t have a grill pan, foil pouches also work well; but in the long run, the pan will cost less.

Grill-top pans can be purchased as most kitchen supply stores, Kohl’s or Amazon. Make this summer the healthiest yet and keep it light when you light the grill!

Enjoy these recipes!

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