It’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle

According to the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases, adopting new, healthy habits may protect you from serious health problems like obesity and diabetes.

Changing your lifestyle and daily habits, can improve your physical activity “without having to workout”. There are many small changes you can make while in the office or while you are just ‘out and about’, that will make a huge difference!

  • Choose the stairs! While at work, instead of using the elevator, take the stairs, this will get in a few extra steps a day and will boost your energy! Keep a motto of “if its less than 6 flights, take the stairs!”
  • Take periodical breaks. Get up from your desk, take the long way to the bathroom, walk around for a few minutes and stretch! This will help boost energy and will increase blood flow!
  • Some workplaces offer health classes or even have a gym, do not be afraid to ask about these amenities and take advantage of them on breaks or before/after work.
  • Do not fight over parking spots! If there is a close spot, take it! But, if there is not, choose to park a little further, this will get in extra steps and will get you ready to take on the day, full of energy!
  • Choose water! When going out for lunch/dinner, order water, not only is it free of charge, but it’s also free of calories and added sugars. Water makes a huge difference and will make you feel clean and powerful!
  • Having a sweet-tooth? Eat some fruit! Fruits are sweet enough to quench that craving with natural sugars instead of unhealthy, added sugars!

Little changes can go a long way. Do not think of making healthy choices as dieting, think of it as a lifestyle. Make new, healthy habits and become a better you!

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