Innovative Low Carb Fiber Foods by Lisa Johnson, RD

Low carb lifestyles are the craze. Because adults tend to be less active, and hormonal changes and stress both increase insulin, our fat storage hormone, lower carb lifestyles can assist in weight and blood sugar management. The downfall is that many low carb foods are high in saturated fat and cholesterol, and they lack beneficial fibers. The result of this type of low carb living which parallels the Atkins-style, may increase one’s risk for heart disease or colon cancer which are both prevented with a high fiber diet. Therefore, I am thrilled to introduce some new foods by a company that markets their products to individuals with diabetes. Sukrin is making some tasty high fiber seed bread mixes and resistant starch sweeteners, as well as all-natural, low-sugar chocolates and condiments. This European company is offering some good quality, innovative solutions to the low-carb dilemma.



  • Sunflower Pumpkin Seed Bread Mix
  • Chia Hemp Bread Mix
  • Fiber Syrup
  • Tagatose Dark Chocolate
  • Tagatose Ketchup

I am particularly interested in the bread mixes and the fiber syrup. Remember, I am after fiber in the low carb lifestyle! These bread mixes are easy to prepare: just add water, form and bake. Each slice has only 11-12 grams of carbohydrate and 7-9 of them are from fiber which has no rising effects on blood sugars and insulin levels. And these are not just fibers, but prebiotic and soluble fibers, the kind that have the most positive impacts on your health. These yeast-free breads actually feed your good gut flora rather than multiply the bad, and they may assist in lowering cholesterol and promoting healthy bowel movements. That’s bread you can enjoy eating! Protein is also high as the source of flour comes from seeds. I personally form my mix into rolls rather than loaves and I enjoy dipping each one warmed into olive oil with sea salt. I bet you didn’t think you could enjoy dipping bread with no compromise! This is an extremely heart-healthy, comforting treat!

The fiber syrups can be used for sweetening any food or beverage and they are made from non-GMO corn that has been converted into a prebiotic fiber, again supporting good but bacteria rather than diminishing it as most sweeteners do. The syrups have 31gm of carbohydrate per serving, yet 28gm are from fiber! That is good news to those who need to practice carbohydrate control.

These products are available on Amazon or from Sukrin directly. So remember, when it come to low-carb living, do not forsake your fiber and maintain healthy levels of saturated fats with lean meats, fish, nuts and seeds as rich sources of protein.

I hope these products will add joy and health to your life! Check out more at

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