Help to Stay Hydrated

Very often one of the first interventions I do with a client is to increase water intake. Easy as it sounds, it can be a challenging habit to instill and maintain consistency. Adequate hydration is important for so many reasons. Here are just a few:

* Detoxification and elimination

* Healthy Skin

* Healthy metabolism

* Increased energy

* Acid-base balance

* Body temperature

* Cardiac output

* Healthy blood pressure

* Healthy joints

If you are one of those people who always say, “I really need to drink more water,” then I have a suggestion for you. Consider downloading a water-logging app such as iHydrate to hold you accountable.

IHydrate helps you determine the right fluid intake for you, reminds you when it’s time to drink and visually tracks intake from different types of fluids in an easy to read pie chart. It is a very motivating and effective accountability tool, and it’s FREE!

Never go thirsty or forget to drink again. And, no more fooling yourself about how much of your fluid intake isn’t from water! Download iHydrate today and experience the life changing benefits of proper hydration.

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